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First Journey With Email Marketing

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by gritmode, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. gritmode

    gritmode Affiliate affiliate

    I had posted a follow along about instagram and cpa but didn't realize there was a follow along section in the dojo. I apologize if i gave too much info away in the free forum. I have been successful with instagram and cpa but my accounts have been getting disable regularly. I have did some research of what i was doing wrong and changed it. I know am starting to go into a different direction cause i feel like this is where it's at for me and my family to really achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves.

    Today i am starting the list building training to build 10k subscribers in 90 days with getresponse. At that same time i will be using their landing page builder and build a list for cpa using instagram. I'll only have about 2 hours a day for this here soon so I'm not sure if i'll be able to post everyday. I'm building a product around email marketing so i figure might as well practice what you preach. Everybody loves an honest marketer! :fix:
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  3. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Awesome. I'll be watching this.
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  4. gritmode

    gritmode Affiliate affiliate

    So I'm about to go through day 2 of training. I learned about creating a lead magnet and got some homework i had to do. I carefully chose my niche cause i do plan to make a decent amount of income from it and did my research to see there was 297 products on clickbank and also physical products on ebay and amazon. It's a 25 billion dollar a year industry with a lot of competition but that never has scared me. The niche is golf and that's what i will be building a niche site of and my email marketing campaign around.

    Now honestly i don't know too much about golf but one of my best friends got a full ride scholarship for it cause he was so good. I've already asked him for advice and he agreed to help me. I see this as recession proof where people actually have money to spend so I'm going after it.

    I'm giving an ebook away i wrote called how to print money on demand explaining email marketing and using jvzoo with your paypal business debit card to get instant commission and instant access to your money. It's my understanding they don't do that anymore but it's a short to the point guide and i'm using instagram to build that list. That list will be used for cpa meanwhile the 90 day training I'm going through i plan to be much bigger. They even have offers for golf in cpa :)

    By the way they explain the lead magnet as being a bribe to get someone to subscribe to your list in order to get more subscribers faster and boost conversions. now it's back to day 2 of this.
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  5. gritmode

    gritmode Affiliate affiliate

    It's been a crazy last couple of days but I'm finally getting some time to do some things. Lately i have been researching niche sites in hopes of building this as an authority niche site to build an email list off to sell on flippa whenever i want to start to do something new.

    I like to take shortcuts so i went ahead and bought a plr pack from the warrior forum in my niche. I've already bought my domain which is a .com and exact match keyword that gets 29k searches monthly. I haven't went with a premium theme yet cause i want to build everything out correctly first. I been doing my research on niche sites with email list and that's how i want to build this. Currently i'm gathering 50 keywords that i plan to use on the site to build out my pages and post. I have seo presser so i will make sure my seo is on point. After that I'm adding some banners and my web forms and starting my traffic process.

    This is honestly easier then what i have been making it seem over the last few years. Stress and anxiety can cause you to be a lazy no good not get nothing done marketer. You have to change your mindset and take risk. You will not get anywhere without taking risk and learning by failing. I've been doing it for 7 years and just now starting to see results cause i changed my mindset.

    So the last couple of days I've learned how to do market research to set up my lead magnet (Finding a solution to someone's problem by searching forums, youtube, amazon reviews, comments on other sites etc) Once you see what peoples problems are it's easier to find a solution or product to match that problem and write your lead capture to capture emails.

    I also learned about using signatures for more traffic generation. (this doesn't only have to be forum it can be your email account too)

    Then i learned how to set everything up and add the form to my site but also facebook page (i don't have a facebook page yet but soon)

    Also working in 25 minute intervals instead of just crashing right through will help you be more productive and not get information overload.( I stretch every 25 minutes and only work on my business 3 hours a day as i hold a full time job currently)

    I honestly love building wordpress sites but i have never built them niche related most of the time i have offline orders for small businesses here in tulsa, ok. This will be interesting and I'm doing research and doing everything step by step. I will not use automation on this site. This is my money site where i plan to build my list and make money from amazon and ebay prodcuts (affiliate of both)

    Once i have everything set up which I'm sure I'll be at least halfway through at this time tomorrow cause i have the plr pack but once i have it set up to where I'm just driving traffic i will be using a method of redirection with auto blogs to the money site. This will give me some insane traffic but won't really be laser targeted but the way i do it with rank tracker gives me ideas for new sites when the keywords rank. I have did this before but not the way i plan to do it now which i believe is the correct way.

    There are no lessons on the weekend with getresponse so i'm using this time to catch up and build things out. I have a product that I'm for sure promotion and i have the potential to get $80.96 per customer. $22.86 initial sale and then $58.10 per month residual income. (I love residual income) Really doing the math every day is what keeps me motivated. Knowing that if I'm successful in building 10k subscribers and only 1% of them convert which is 100 then that's $58.10 x 100=$5,810.00 monthly. I like to think big but honestly that's still thinking small just shows you the potential of what can happen even off 20 people that's still $1,162 monthly. Knowing that i can take a small number and make some big bucks come out of it motivates me. That only includes the ebook membership site that doesn't even include the amazon and ebay sales and could even have some cpa offers in there too.

    I figured might as well do it the right way. People need multiple streams of income to make it in life period. I'll update more once i get this built out and go through some more training. Once i master this i may just start making niche sites to sell on flippa but for right now baby steps.
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