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Finding Hot Niches with EBay Pulse

Linda Buquet

Looking for that next golden niche? Ebay has several ways to help you find what's hot, then dig down deeper to uncover less competitive niches. I've used Ebay Pulse for niche research but didn't get full advantage from it until I read Bo's tutorial. Click below and Bo from MarketingSyndrome will show you how he personally uses eBay Pulse to locate highly profitable niche markets quick and easy.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">The eBay Method - Niche Marketing</a></strong>

Happy niching! :p


Wow this is pretty good. Yet another bookmark to my ever growing affiliate bookmarks. :) you can tell by the time stamp on this post I am up late tonight. I just got another ebook on... surprise, surprise... niche marketing. Its a really interesting read. I may post a review on it in the next few days after I've had time to read it a couple more times.

Again thanks for the heads up on this neat little eBay tool. I never knew it existed.