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Finally found a niche now.........

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by eh2zed, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. eh2zed

    eh2zed New Member

    Ok so I finally found something that I actually know quite a bit about. Since I work in the casino industry and have been a player for over 10 years AND it's something I'm really into I figure this is the best one. So I got myself a blog going and got a few articles up there. Added my google adsense but I'm not sure if thats enough. Is there anything else I should be doing now or have I got the first few steps down? Also, regarding SEO, I know blogspot is affiliated with google so is my blog automatically spidered?
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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate


    Congrats on finding a niche and one you know about.

    However you know it's not a good one right?

    Online gambling is not legal in US now and you could POTENTIALLY get in trouble if you market casinos to US visitors. You also risk not getting paid if a casino affiliate program you promote gets shut down or gets a cease and desist.

    Also it's VERY competitive so not a good place to start.
  4. eh2zed

    eh2zed New Member

    Well thats the second niche I've picked that someone has told me is not a good one. I give up. It's all I know. I'm not trying to target online gamblers. I was trying to target people who go to real live casinos which ARE legal. I won't be marketing any online casinos (unless they pop up on my adsense) so I'm not worried about getting in trouble for targetting US visitors.
  5. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    One thing that would concern me is gambling being such an over-saturated idea. Too much competition is not good. You may want to delve a bit further and find a deeper niche where the demand is more than the supply. Maybe a specific type of game or something along those lines. Find a niche deep enough that you can own it.

    You couldn't monetize the site with Adsense or affiliates (as Linda pointed out that online gambling sites are no longer an option in the US). Maybe write e-books or a piece of software. Maybe drop ship gambling products.

    It's not a loss. You will just need to find a smaller gambling-type niche that you can compete rather than be overrun.

    Good luck with it. ;)