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Failure to success its just start

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by dpoundc, May 8, 2016.

  1. dpoundc

    dpoundc Affiliate affiliate

    Hello every one,

    Hope all respected guests and members including admins are doing great.

    Note: my English is not good however if you can understand there is nothing to worry, bcos language is means to communicate and understand each other, else we want to be professor in English with accurate grammar @ UK or US uni,

    so i dont care weather is good or not good if some one want to criticize language here is full stop just leave the thread no need to joke,

    so lets start...

    There are many people around several forums including this one trying to earn money however each and every person show big earning snaps , poor little hustling people including me ask few questions and game start each and every person who is earning too much as he show want to hit one more broken and useless stones of the world have thrown him/her away and he/she is suffering of many things,

    My advice to all those people who are trying to earn money online with/out CPA should follow this.

    * Never go on panic or be greedy when u see some one earning huge amount of money later those goons will start asking you money for teaching. a person is doing job 10 hours a day and getting paid only $50 a month, that money is so important to the person he will need to feed himself and family plus do future planing with in this money

    it may be joke for those people who are born in wealthy country and say what is $50 but you cant criticize a person talking this way bcos he was born in third world country its not his mistake maybe there is good reason on his birth only God knows,

    Success rate in successful people is upto 80% they come from such families who cant even feed them self some times they sleep hungry some times they eat.

    But when u are doing hard work and learning from your mistakes you will be successful.

    now lets back to topic of copying goons why copy ? thats not gonna help you out, a customer buying product first thinking ok here is some thing i got and its going to make me huge amount of money but sorry that's not really gonna happen bcos you dont know what you are doing,

    I'm not saying people shouldn't buy products from marketers but first thing comes first in brain a person showing you his earning with words of boom, boom, boom 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k a day ? what a joke, guess what you are earning this amount of money and you want re earn more by so called ended and dead method its not working for you now u wanna sell it.

    Example: a person is tying to learn hacking he end up with a page where hacked username and passwords are written now reader copy and try to login its not working, he go back to the page and scroll down little bit to check other one but there is written "WHY HACK TO ALREADY HACKED"

    same rules for every thing, "WHY COPY WHEN ITS COPIED"

    long term success is always in your own invented method other wise we are just wasting our time,

    stop wasting your money in buying products instead use that money to collect data of where and what u are marketing. thats gonna help you,

    My field is not CPA marketer nor IM but completely different, There is big time contribution in my life style is from my friends they helped me alot, i was doing some thing else they took me from there and bring me on internet in 2009 and borrowed me $10 to start some thing and now a days that $10 investment is giving me $70k a year, how ever m not gonna disclose that source and services m providing due to privacy cos tones of members on this forum are my customers as well.

    My move to CPA JAN 2016.

    I use to think why i should promote other owned products when i can create my own product and services to sell it, But later i realized that was wrong while im earning $70k a year could lead to 50 times more if i would have work and stuck with affiliate and lovely field CPA, back in those days it was really easy, a friend of mine from an Arab country have been forcing me to work with him but i didn't hear him now a days he is earning $8k per month by just runing small offers whole day he is enjoying life out side travel around the globe but m working 18hrs a day, cant give times to kinds and family even i have hired some people but still not enough how far you can trust people working for you so i decided to switch and will sell my other business.

    More to come i have urgent issue to solve just got ticket will be back shortly.

    to be continue.............
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  2. terraleads
  3. dpoundc

    dpoundc Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys m back.

    So i started with CPA and had some networks approved in past years tried to work on those and realize this is really sweet,

    i have been doing simple tests with lots of traffic sources and offers to know which is better and suitable.

    my result for some network is below its really depend what you are promoting and which network suits you.

    1- popads with max bounty
    my first blind test direct linking with out tracking ( i didnt know how to use tracking)
    spent $10
    return: $2.6
    Loss: $7.4

    2- Popads with avazu
    second blind test of an offer in Thailand no tracking
    spent: $10
    Return: $4.5
    loss : $5.5

    i really needed to test every thing with little budget before i could scale up and have huge traffic from better network but with out tracking its not possible when you dont have data what is actually converting but still continue.

    3- 7 search with maxbounty
    people were saying if you want to learn try 7 search so here i m again on 7 search.

    again blind test but with post back to maxbounty

    spent: $10 ( minimum payment is $50 but i kept daily budget $10)
    return: $2.5
    loss: $7.5
    not good enough i stop the ads and started learning tracking but i didnt like lol even i know html css js still hated the stuff watching videos x10 fast foreword to save time

    now i downloaded tracking 202 created a vps and purchased a domain.

    installed setup every thing some one came around one of my friend and stated DNTX is well people are making x3 money with that i said ok lets try that.

    added $50 to dntx (thats minimum payment)
    DNTX with Avazu

    Spent: $50
    Return $11
    Loss: $39

    not good enough i started working on tracking and LPs this is the catch most of offers on networks are dam slow to load that's why conversion is lower when u are doing ppv.

    our LP should load before user mouse pointer reach to the close button and page should be attractive it will convert for sure other wise best of luck next time.

    tracking is ready LP is ready maxbounty are you ready the answer was yes

    lets go....
    Bing with maxbounty and the result was lovely however i lost some money cos i was collecting data good thing is that when u post add dont sleep while you are in test mode keep watching your money flying and conversions

    good thing with bing if you spend you get back as well but bing is for big budget small budget is not really working there.

    im going to post my screen shot now with bing and others what i have earned m still in testing mode a proper campign will be launched by end of this month on what data i have collected and so on.
    that was a test and it was really working with bing good conversion 4:1 (clicks: conversion)

    now i have switch to adsbridge and its really great as well as its supper fast, i have not tested yet bing with adsbridge and gonna try with in this month as i get free time however some ppv optmised campigns are ready to luanch here is the snap of adsbridge with popads, mobicow and some offers

    i spent and after $10 lost i optimized and now its going green should be more atleast 83% ROI soon.

    conversion rports on avazu running with adsbridge tracking


    on 7th may Friday i joined a network and its looking good however its not reporting to tracking i have stop traffic however m not at loss yes still earning i have also notice some thing their reporting is not really real time but tones of delay i guess at least two days as its reporting ynet.png

    i will talk to affiliate manager by Monday to fix it

    what i have stated its not really earning but just testing offers and networks i will be doing proper setup soon as i get my papers :D some thing is stopping from doing this now and m addicted already as i have taken drugs of cpa

    many good things to come soon

    thank you guyz all of your time for reading this
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  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing the credible information with us buddy. It is true that you may be disappointed if you come across the snaps of people making big returns from the marketing tasks. All I can say is that we need to look up to the snaps as the place we target to get after a while. be slow and avoid panic for you will upgrade after sometime.
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