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Employment and investment opportunity in a golf news website


Hi folks,

I have been running a golf news website for the last three years. I run the whole site on my own. All the content, all the design and the technical support is done by me. I started it in 2018 as a hobby and now I post everyday, it is more like a job than a hobby for fun :D. That's why I need some help. I need someone to help me with the marketing part and someone who can help me with monetizing the site. Since I don't have any income from the website I can't offer any cash. What I can offer is % from all future income. The site is bilingual - Bulgarian and English and has a few thousands visits each month. The numbers are not impressive but still not bad for a one-man show project. DM me if you are interested so I can give you all the details you need and a link to the website.

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Actually all the details are here. I just prefer to share the website link only with people who are interested.

No, they are not. You clearly stated::
"DM me if you are interested so I can give you all the details you need and a link to the website."

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Hey T J, I don't want to hide anything. You are right, I wrote so I can give you all the details you needI know that if someone is interested he will probably have several questions like what is the traffic for a particular time frame, on which platform the website is based on etc. I don't know what a potential partner will want to know, that's why I wrote the details you need If you think I broke the forum policy somewhere just let me know and I will add the missing info.