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For those who might be new to the CPA game, wondering if this is for real, here is proof. Over the years, I've made a little money here and there on Ebay, or more recently from Amazon (thrifting and arbitrage). However, this is the first time I've made money in the digital marketplace without physical goods being involved. This was pretty exciting to me and marks a turning point in my thinking. I hope you're inspired to take action and make things happen.

Earnings Total 9-8.jpg

Here is one more recent:


Now go out there and take action!

As always,
Here's to your success!
Cheers to your success - You should be quite proud of setting the bar high for yourself, most people dont earn anywhere close to those numbers on their first sale or two so congrats & best wishes in the future ;)
Hey @gnr5,

Sure. I drove traffic to an offer from free traffic on YouTube. I set up a channel and then connected my link in the description to a landing page (this helps to make sure that I don't violate TOS with anyone by not direct linking- some DL and don't seem to have issues, but I've seen where people have had problems when they did). The landing page is a very simple opt-in (allowing me to capture emails for future marketing). Once they enter, they are taken to the sales page for the company.

I must admit, I don't drive monster traffic. It's pretty small numbers. However the landing page converts well and pre-sells pretty well (CR is pretty good as well). I tweak the lander here and there as I learn new things, but other than that, it's kind of set and forget.

Hope this helps,

As always,
Here's to your success!

BTW, if you haven't already subscribed to a DOJO membership, I have a follow-along inside the DOJO where I detail everything I've been doing, where I have struggled (as a non-techie) and where I've had success. There are lots of other great follow-alongs as well as great tools, resources, and guides. Hope you'll give it a look. My affiliate link is below if you are interested.

Have you thought about expanding your traffic using a traffic / ad network like Adwords, 7search or Traffic Junky?

Hey @JonTrafficGoldmine,

I have recently started into paid traffic with 7Search. Started my first campaign yesterday, and I must tell you.... it's not good. :confused: I'm learning as I go, and have a long term time perspective on it. Each lesson is a step on the path to being able to succeed in this as a business.

Unfortunately, the offer I have been having mild success with, with free traffic from YT, does not allow paid search, ppv, or FB traffic. This takes it out of being able to drive paid traffic (at least as I understand it).

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. If you'd like to see what I've done in more detail (perhaps more detail than you'd care to :D), just look for my follow along in the Dojo.

PS. Any suggestions for good ad networks for IM'ers who are new to the game?

As always,
Here's to your success!
@Rvfamily heyyyyyyyyy lol

im only, what? 9 years & some change late on replying to this thread, but we're gonna get right back where we left off...

hahahahaha man, it would be super cool if your 1. still alive, 2. a millionaire, 3. still have access to your account here & can respond back in another 9 years or so...

hahahaha putting the ball back in your court buddy. Cheers