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Seeking Help Does my landing page look good?


Hello guys

I've launched a Google Ads campaign for promoting an AI writing tool called Scalenut.

I've created a landing page on my website and I want you to help me regarding its quality.

Can you help me?

Thanks in Advance


Well-Known Member

So you are an affiliate hustling an AI subscription? Sorry I clicked your ad.

I think the presentation is weak --You need a special lander with an offer for the ad.

You need a tag line in a jumbotron or header area and just not a video.

Like free 7 day trial --and one free month if you decide to subscribe (auto renew month by month). Act NOW! Offer expires 1/1/2023! CTA <--Google that acronym ...

The aggregate package looks nice --not just AI. Decent value proposition IMHO if it works as advertised.