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  1. jackson24

    Write SEO Friendly Content in German, Spanish, Russian Languages

    Are you looking for 100% unique, engaging, and Google-Optimized content in Any Languages I'm an experienced content writer with extensive experience of 10 years as an SEO Articles, Website Content and Blog Post Writer. I write in English as well as German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc., and I...
  2. Husna Izzati

    What is other helpful AI Content Generator?

    Hi guys, I've been wondering if there are any other Ai tools that can help me with blog writing? It is quite hard to come out with ideas for every blog content. Do you guys know any Ai Content Generator with the best outcome? I heard about Writesonic but I don't know if it's good enough for...
  3. H

    Seeking Help Does my landing page look good?

    Hello guys I've launched a Google Ads campaign for promoting an AI writing tool called Scalenut. I've created a landing page on my website and I want you to help me regarding its quality. Can you help me? Thanks in Advance
  4. A


    hi Members, Seasons Greetings to all of you, Introduce myself as a new member here and I like this source very much. When I recently posted a few lines about my profile, I got so much good response that I was really impressed and I take this opportunity to invite new members to benefit from...
  5. AmNovice

    Content >>> Keyword Placements?

    How important is it to place the keywords you want to rank for in your domain name? Let's use a random example - if you want to rank for the keywords 'custom yoga mats', does registering the domain really help you in the rankings? Is it necessary to even do this at all? I...
  6. Make Money With CPA

    I Need Content Writer - Who write high quality content

    Hey guys! Greetings to everybody. I wanna hire a professional copywriter, Game, and Cheats topic. It's gonna b big volumes, over here. Pls, send me your previous works. Buzz me at skype:youmakemoneywithcpa
  7. K

    I am new here

    Hi, I am from India, currently working for a few clients as SEO web content writer. I am seriously interested in making money as an affiliate marketer, need guidance, tips, advice from members here. Thanks,
  8. simonbrep

    Guest Bloggers Wanted for Affiliate Marketing Blog

    We always looking for great content on our Affiliate Marketing Blog - if you or anyone you know is an excellent content writer and looking for guest posting opportunities, please send them our way - (PM for more details) The Blog is centred around affiliate marketing, with an emphasis on Email...
  9. Annabella Montgomery

    Selling Content writer for articles and product descriptions

    Hi everyone! So, I have a degree in English and if you are brave enough to take a chance on me as I am new to this, then I will write 500 words for £5!!!
  10. A

    Repurposing blog posts into videos

    Hi blogger! I’m reaching out to you for a bit of help for my start-up First I’ll tell you what we’re doing. Vidooya allows bloggers (without any video production knowledge ) to turn their written content into engaging videos in 3 simple steps, by turning words into voice (TTS or...
  11. C

    Selling Content | Article Writing **** Cheap rates ***

    Hi everyone, Are you looking for a Content and SEO article writer? Well, look no more. From today am offering my content writing service exclusive to Affiliate fix forum, and this is what it includes: Competitive pricing: You get high quality and engaging content at just $1.5 per 100 words...
  12. MrPRinson

    Any Moze fans??

    hey Guys, Looking for recommendation for some inspiring moze articles regarding SEO. THANKSSSSSSS
  13. hotpassion

    Selling PREMIUM CONTENT WRITING SERVICE at Affordable Prices by UK Writer!

    Are you seeking article writer who can be the voice of your business? Someone who can take your keywords and write content rich articles for you at an affordable price? Look no further! Your searching is over! My name is James Smith. I’m British and I’m a professional writer with over 9...
  14. Zion Ice

    Selling Premium Contents by Journalists - Stop Burning $$$

    Are you TIRED of writers who just can't seem to deliver on their promises? Are you TIRED of writers who constantly flake? Are you TIRED of writers who never respond to your messages—AFTER they've accepted your money? If you're ready to wake up and hire a writing team that genuinely cares about...
  15. Wotack

    Hi All, Newbie to actually doing AF and seeing it through

    Hi all, I've been interested and studying affiliate marketing for years, started many sites, got accepted with affiliate networks etc. But always let these die due to time pressures of keeping these updated. (needless to say not a penny or cent for that matter earned surprisingly ;-) ) The...