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Does Google Hate You? This May Help

Linda Buquet

It happens to the best of us - even us white hats. Google tweaks the knobs and your traffic takes a nose dive. Suddenly you feel like you're drowning. Happened to me over a year ago and it was devastating - but knock on wood I rose back to the top and I've stayed in her good graces since then.

Most affiliates depend on Google for their main source of traffic, so when the algo changes and your keywords drop or worse yet, your whole site disappears, how does a poor affiliate recover?

Social marketing optimization? More aggressive SEO? Less aggressive SEO? More content? Link building? Focus on other search engines? Blogging & pinging & RSS feeds? Add more content and articles? Add links to quality sites? PPC? Something else? <em>Just Give up???</em>

Rich24 over at WebmasterWorld brings up the question: <strong><a target="_new" href="">If your Google traffic is down - what are you doing about it?</a> </strong>"Is it time to stop doing the same thing while expecting different results? What are you doing to try to make up for lost traffic?"

The 3 page thread that follows is filled with excellent ideas and advice. Even if Google loves you these days, you can still find a wealth of insight in this thread. Happy reading!


I good article. Although it is good getting traffic from the major 3 search engines, you should never run a site that totally rellies on search engine traffic only. Try to make a site where about 50% comes from search engines and 50% comes from other online sources.