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Do social media links matter for SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Tanksy, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Tanksy

    Tanksy Affiliate affiliate

    What experiences have you had about this subject? Have you noticed an increase in search engine rankings for your websites after you have gotten a lot of social media back links? Can google even index stuff that's on facebook?
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  3. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate

    Yes it matters. It matters for every single search engine. [​IMG]

    You can see social sharing is in one of top 5 factors for Google. Site owners are often tempted to skip initial preparations for link building. But it’s important that you give this top priority, because preparing a site will ensure that you’re mindful of the links you sent to them.
  4. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    Google does index Facebook pages however Facebook groups are close door territories and not indexed.

    On the other hand, tweets that get re-tweeted a lot are of huge importance to Google.

    On the contrary to the chart in Nitesh's post, I disagree that Google gives zero importance to backlinks.
  5. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    Where did you copy this chart from? I see you post a lots of copied content from Google.

    I suggest you write your own content too. That will pass copyscape and add value to this forum.

    IF you continue to post copied content here without source, that will only bring down the PR of this website down and lesser organic traffic to this forum.

    It's a free forum, let's add value here instead of doing things other way around.
  6. Tanksy

    Tanksy Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for all the info. So, basically, stay away from facebook groups, focus on growing my own page and trying to get retweets. Does google offer more weight to tweets made from accounts with a lot of followers compared to new accounts or old accounts with only a few hundred followers?
  7. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    > stay away from facebook groups

    ----> You could socialize with like minded people on FB groups, should help build traffic. Just doing FB pages and not hitting FB groups at all would be SEO friendly and half Anti-Social IMO.

    > Does google offer more weight to tweets made from accounts with a lot of followers compared to new accounts or old accounts with only a few hundred followers?

    -----> As per Matt Cutts, not. Google just looks at each page as a unique entity, that's why every web page has it's own PageRank depending on the juice in it and how popular it is on internet.

    You could spend $5 and get 500 followers overnight, it's ideal for Google to ignore how many followers you have. BUT, if your followers are real, your tweets will get re-tweeted and liked, loads of comments and thus add juice + rankings to your tweets and URLs in them.

  8. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate

    1. Yes, i copied this chart from neilpatel.com. And its just chart so if you are in digital marketing and you dont remember neilpatel blog, then shame on you.
    2. We are here to share knowledge and if i dont know, i search it and keep it in thread. With this i learn this things even i dont know, i try to learn.
    3. Mind your business. I know what to do.
  9. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    Just reported one of your posts. Next time you copy someone's content, make sure you post the source link.

    Copied from internet and posted without source link = Duplicate Content Penalty from Google on this forum!

    If forums mods / admins don't take action against such posts, I'll see what I can do.
  10. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate


    Lol u acting like loser. Come on kid. Grow up.
  11. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    I'm like your Daddy figure, ventured into I.T. in 1994..

    You copy content from net and paste it here without sharing source.. It's 100% ILLEGAL.. I wonder why the mods / admins are not taking actiong against you.
  12. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate


    Lolz... I will say again. Grow up kid.
  13. rz3300

    rz3300 Affiliate affiliate

    Well in my experience anything that helps move the needle is worth the time and the effort to look into, and this would certainly fall into that category. Social media is what is driving the world these days, and that includes commerce and traffic is a form of commerce these days, and that means that any way you can move that needle you are growing your site.
  14. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think Google recognizes Twitter and facebook shares, however, if you share on Google Plus, Google search recognizes your sharing. The +1 feature on Google + gives an edge over facebook or twitter
  15. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    As per Matt Cutts, Google looks at each Twitter / FB page like an independent page.. ignores count of followers.

    You maybe right about +G features though.
  16. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Guys, do we really have to slap each other around? Simmer down and discuss the topics.

    As for crediting the source, it is a policy. No need to get into name calling over it. Be nice please.
  17. IT-INDIA.com

    IT-INDIA.com Guest

    I ignored him a few days back, I should have utilized that feature earlier.

    I can't stand a person who copies and pastes content from internet without mentioning the source, I never will. It sounds too cheap. Plagiarism is like plague.. sucks!

    Apologies if that sounds rude, but this is about simple internet manners.

    Fellas at Google and likes understand my feelings.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
  18. superdupr786

    superdupr786 Affiliate affiliate

    Yes! off course social media links are use for backlinks
  19. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    Social media link is useful for SEO. It drives more traffic.
  20. carl hardy

    carl hardy Affiliate affiliate

    Social media links helps to get traffic to your site it helps to make your site popular it doesn't completely helps in keyword position ya it helps in getting back links to your site......

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  21. Gustavowoltman

    Gustavowoltman Affiliate affiliate

    For sure you get traffic from sharing and at the same time it also helps to the SEO.