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Create powerful copy without suffering in the attempt

Venezuelan marketer

Simple tips to create good copy

Keep your copy simple. Don't suffer with complicated words just use language that your audience will understand ✅

State the problem of the person or your audience (Target Audience) ✅

Try to establish two key words that you want your audience to remember you by and repeat them in the copy ✅

For example: Always have your calls to actions have the phrase "Join now" in bold .

Keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself, but for your audience. Don't write something to sell it to you because you are not your customer ✅

Don't get distracted when writing sales copy. I'll give you a tip, just take 20 minutes to write your copy and if you don't get ideas then rest for 10 minutes and start again.

Reinforce your texts with emojis and links. Always use emojis according to your copy since in Facebook groups you will be easily perceived as spam

Tell stories through your sales copy. Stories move people and you can tell them how your lead magnet killed your problem or that of your customers ✅


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Image comes before the text BTW
Inspiring confidence in the potential buyer that you are credible is the most important thing in selling anything.
If the potential buyer thinks you are full of shit he's off like a dirty shirt ;)