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CrakRev, I Want My $2 Dollars

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by adrian, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. adrian

    adrian Guest


    So the story goes my newest baby Cartoon Kink is to the point where I'm promoting it, I have been driving traffic to it via 7 search with sub par results. I'm bidding on too generic of a keyword for good traffic, So I'll take the data and go with the trickle of traffic on better keywords. I was on Skype with Djcrunk he had a could bucks on plugrush so he set me up with some popunder traffic. And sure enough got a little crak rev love. As now I'm waiting for approval from plugrush I figure I'd start a follow along. It will be a 2 prong campaign: Continue Branding of CartoonKink and some direct linking trials till I get a couple more sites done. See if an offer stands out, I can take up a notch. So this is a data collection campaign at this point, but it's better then sitting on my hands.

    First Round

    11.00 Popunder Campaign
    2.50 ppl

    Stats to come.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. crysper

    crysper Affiliate affiliate

    AWESOME Adrian, taking action massively ;)...Can't wait to see how it goes.
  4. adrian

    adrian Guest

    Wooo PlugRush is a rush I burned my budget in 6 hours, I came up with a Bunch of g00se eggs. But I have enough numbers to keep me busy till I'm ready to through more money in the mix. I don't think I'll do Popunders next time. It was a cheap lesson, better then a book and I love watching my cash burn. lol

    Next round I'm going to leverage the quick delivery of traffic. As I might be able to take advantage of it.

    In the mean time I set up a 7 search campaign. At least I feel like I'm doing something.

    Lastly I will work on getting some tube videos ready, I check with the affiliate manager on what the rules are and got the green light with perimeters.

    I want My 2 Dollars!
  5. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    I don't know what you are doing but I think its cool.
    With that budget, you will surely hit something that sticks.

    i suggest, some PPD offers or donwload offers.

    Ask some AM about this stuff. :)
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yeah can you explain a little more about your method so we can help

    also include some numbers and stats.
  7. adrian

    adrian Guest

    Wow featured in the news letter. I'll make you proud K, probably embarrassed but proud. The good news is at some people read the newsletter, that's a good sign.:eek:

    Since I blew my weekly wad I can expand on this a little. I have the skin of a rhino but unfortunately I also have the sight. Fail, Fail, Win. I can't be stopped just distracted by pretty things. I've already second guessed my choice of popunder traffic won't go that route again, the price was so attractive I couldn't help myself. It really screws up the numbers. :mad:

    Offer #1 - PPL
    Plug Rush Popunder 6 dollars - 3195 views - conversion 0/0

    Not English Offer #2 - Revshare
    Plug Rush Popunder 8 dollars - 8103 views - conversion 0/0

    Offer #3- PPL
    Plug Rush Poopunder 6 Dollars - 2165 views - conversion 0/0
    7Search PPC - Imp 2,815 Clicks= 61 CTR 2.17% Cost $6.10 CPC $0.10 Rank 1.0 Conversions 1 @ $4.00 ROI - 34%

    Conclusion popunder is poopunder, I'll admit it's kinda fun watching stats as it's a lot of numbers. But not worth the money. Some lessons learned - Plugrush has a 5k minimum order which would of screwed my budget since I ordered 5 k for offer 1~3 that left me with 8 dollars which I could only get to 5k with non english traffic. It's a mute point as the traffic is sucked, I had a feeling but patients is not my strong suit.

    7search gave me a look at potential. So I'm going to let 7search run for a couple of days and see what happens. I'm also going to set up some targeted traffic on plugrush (I think If I put a little time in setting up some micro targeted ads I can get some legs up) also going to feel around juicyads see about getting a sweet spot somewhere. (sorry couldn't hold back the innuendos any longer)

    I want my $6.00!
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  8. adrian

    adrian Guest

    Holy Sheep Shit Batman Juicy has a 250 buy in, too rich for my blood aTm guess I'll just keep plugging along. (get it plugging along, plugrush! hahaha.....nevermind.

    Of course the kid is sick today so I can't troll for some "quality" photos, for my plugrush experiments.

    7search is showing some life, I went through the stats and blocked all the click suckers. So my numbers are down but got a sale.... luck i'm sure.

    7search = imp 411 clicks 1 ctr 0.24 cost $0.10 cpc $0.10 Rank 1.0 Conversions 1 @ $4.00

    I'm hoping all The Wankers come out on the weekend. :cool:

    I want my 10.00!
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  9. crysper

    crysper Affiliate affiliate

    1 sale means that it works. You just need to replicate what you were doing...

    Good start, keep it up.
  10. adrian

    adrian Guest

    Well the weekend Stunk it up around here. Since my first campaign was going so well I figured I would beef it up a little. I.E. I was going for lions and added tigers. Well both the lions and tigers left. lol Went from 120ish clicks a day to 12. All I did was Add more keywords. It happens!

    So I'm going to redo the campaign as it's either stale or I missed something. I am also going to get a site setup. Debating on free or paid traffic method at the moment. It will cost me about $90 for the tools I need to get the free method running or I could put that in an ad campaign? As I have more time then money I think A is a better fit.

    Nothing good to update expect the fact that I tanked over the weekend and will keep at it. If I was a quitter I'd would of quit in 2002 when I got kick off ebay the first time. It not always flowers and sunshine. But I have found a niche I can convert and have some offers nailed down. Just need traffic. (just a little self pep talk)

    I want my 10 dollars
  11. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Maybe add a pop out to your site and funnel them through an email sequence?

    "Submit your email to get daily pictures"

    Also Juicy is only 250 for RON....you can bid on site direct for less.

    How are you monetising the site?
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  12. adrian

    adrian Guest

    Thanks K I didn't know the juicy ads trick. I will have to look into it again.

    Email and adult never work for me, Even back in the day I could never crack that avenue.

    This is still rolling the result are lackluster but I'm learning. I got a new computer and have been working it the last week. why I'm quiet for the most part. Actually today is the first day I'm not doing setup or adjustments on the new machine. I still have to transfer my old cpu stuff But I'm rolling.

    I am still chasing my 100 dollars from crak at full speed. (expect I paused my 7 campaign and forgot about it as I was working the plug route)

    On the Plug I split tested 3 different offers as I'm going to build a LP for one. So wanted to see which would be better to build the page for. Well I got the exact same results for 2 on the first go round. 1/2043 views unfortunately I need 2 to be profitable but better then goose egg. So I'm running the test again with 2 offers since I'm busy getting my shit together it's no biggy as I'm not set to build an LP. It is a victory as I have the traffic source worked out and I have a choice of 2 converting offers. Winner takes all so I'm hoping it's not another tie. lol

    So I'm about 60 in and have made 15 not great but the best I've had in 2013 so far.

    I want my 15 dollars!
  13. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Adrian, did you ever get your $15?