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CPA and Youtube journey

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by david1973, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    I received an email yesterday from newbie411 suggesting I start a journey thread. I know this was a standard mass email, but I was intending on starting one anyway, so this works out perfect.

    As said above I intend to monetize YouTube with CPA and content locking. You're probably wondering what my experience with CPA and youtube is? well that amounts to a big fat nothing! But hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

    I'm also currently running an adsense site, and have two free domains I can monetize with Amazon. They aren't great domains, but they're free. If you want me to add these to my updates, in regards what I've done and how much I've earnt, just let me know, would probably help me too in regards motivation and keeping on top.

    DAY 1:

    I searched for a niche and eventually just decided to go for something, I have no experience searching for niches on Youtube, everything looks swamped, but at least I'll get the experience.

    After deciding on a niche I created and designed a landing page on weebly. I then created and uploaded a video to youtube with tags, description etc. I've also added some likes and views to the video.

    So day one and one video, not a lot done, but I'm a newbie in creating videos and landing pages, so it's all a learning curve. I intend to create more videos and landing pages in different niches, and really just see what sticks and go with that.

    Will update tomorrow, thanks for reading.
  2. newbidder
  3. dinabrokoth

    dinabrokoth The Fix'er! affiliate

    Great to read the case study/journey. You are a man, guy! Just one day receiving the ways to earn, you take action immediately. There is no 2, 3, 4, or 5 ... if it does not have 0 & 1. Therefore, newbie will become expert soon as long as your experience gain! Will follow to see what will happen next.
  4. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    You are done with the Hardest part of this game. TAKING ACTION.
    I will follow this thread too. I will help you along the way. :)
    Just be consistent. Learn and learn and learn. Then ACT!..
    Even though you're slow, atleast you are going to your dream. :)

    All the best for you bro.
  5. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments :D

    Day 2

    I searched for something similar in the same niche, created and uploaded new video. I also created a new landing page for the latest video, added likes and comments to said video.

    2 videos up, no conversions yet. Will look for more niches tomorrow.

    Checked adsense site, Made just over a dollar.....meh! lol

    Set up Amazon site, wrote a 1400 article detailing the history of the niche and added and configured plugins, seo yoast, wp_better security etc.. Site not yet live, will wait until I have three articles and two reviews first.

    Didn't get much time to work today due to other commitments. The video editing is taking a bit of time to master, but I'm happy with the way they're turning out. Landing pages are looking not bad too I think. I'm hoping with practice I can start churning out videos and landing pages quickly in the future, need to find a good niche first of course..

    Think I'll invest in a VPN* at the end of the month, just a cheap thing with dynamic address so I'm not leaving footprints all over the place. I don't want youtube mass banning future account based on IP too.

    Anyway that's it for today, will update again tomorrow :)
  6. ajay

    ajay Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    You are going in right direction David.. just set daily milestones and keep moving ahead..

    Thanks for sharing links K..
  7. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Keep up the great work, it's great to follow you're journey and as others have mentioned the important thing is that you have TAKEN ACTION.
  8. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Day 3

    I have created and submitted one more video to YouTube and built another landing page. I'm honestly having a tough time with niche selection, but I'll address that later on in the post.

    The first video I submitted is now at no.1 for it's keyword, as well as a few other keywords too I was surprised to learn. I initially submitted 250 fake views and 50 like, three comments were added too, which I manually approved. The view count is now at 1511, so a fair few organics. No conversions yet. I think my call to action is quite good, not spammy etc. So hopefully I can convert sometime soon, if only for inspiration. On a side note, if this video was to stay at no.1 for a few months, I would be raking it in, as this niche is about to lift off.

    Video 2 is now at position 7 page one. This video is now outranking big site videos with 70 thousand plus views, and one year old videos. This video was submitted with one hundred fake views and 30 likes, this video has no conversions either, and at the time of writing has 1410 views, so decent organic traffic too. I think I may have missed the bus on this sub-niche though, but hey-ho.

    Regarding niche selection I mentioned earlier in the post. I'm not sure if I have just lucked into these positions or it's my ranking strategy, with that in mind, do you think I should go after some of the bigger niches? As an example, if you look at some games that are ready to release, you can see that area is swamped by IM, ers they have tons of professional looking videos up, and the that niche is really competitive. I don't want to waste my time trying to outrank seasoned veterans, but I wouldn't mind a bit of the pie either. As it is I'm mainly targeting the margins.

    Targeting said niches would also bring me to the darker side off youtube too, I've already applied too MGcash as I know they don't mind a bit of blackhat, I'm still not verified though, and that's after sending a message to the AM, something I'll need to address.

    That's today's wrap up regarding CPA, I should have done more, but I had a very busy day and dithered a lot on niche selection.


    Wrote a thousand word article for the website mentioned in an earlier post. Site still not live, one more article and two product reviews to go first.


    Done a few high profile social network submissions for my only adsense site, should have done more but was shattered.

    Today's adsense earnings: $ 4.96

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I have a bad habit of rambling on. Will try to keep it shorter in the future :)

    Thanks for all the support!
  9. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Day 4

    Video 1

    1700 views and now ranks first page position no.1 when you type the keyword in Google. No conversions.

    Video 2

    1907 views still in position 7. No conversions

    Video 3

    Gone, probably won't re-upload that one

    Think I might be getting a bit better at keyword research, and on that assumption I created and uploaded a new video, and made a new landing page. Think this landing page looks good. This new keyword also gets far more searches and would be profitable if it where to rank, of course I need to learn how to rank videos first :)

    Really beginning to like this CPA game. I'm treating it as a personal challenge, I think that's the best way to approach this.


    Wrote my first review for the Amazon site. Quite hard writing reviews about something that really needs no explanation, one tries though.


    Google came out punching, I was down and stunned, I'm back on my feet but the grounds a bit shakey $0.40

    Wrote a new article for adsense site and tried to optimize articles a bit more. Not sure if this knockout drop from Googie was a direct response to my social network bookmarking the day before. I hardly ever backlink this site, only thing I can think of, tune in tomorrow to find out if adsense is still throwing right handers.

    That's all for today folks.
  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great that your videos are ranking 1, and already getting alot of views - how did you do your keyword research?
  11. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    ........Badly! :)

    In all seriousness, I'm just winging it really. I'm trying to find things on Google trends, that also has searches in YouTube with low competition. I'm then looking to use that trend with incentive's to convince the user to download and complete an offer. The biggest problem is finding something that's legal, or at least well within the bounds that would be accepted by your CPA company.

    I'm with Adwork, so I'm having to try and stay within the boundaries that they would find acceptable, if I promise something I have to give them something. I'm also trying to keep it relevant so the advertiser is seeing leads and not just junk. This is probably holding me back, if I went blackhat I could probably get conversions, but would end wasting my time, e.g. no pay, wasted time and effort, etc.

    I'm seriously thinking about using my own content locker, so I can rotate and choose my own offers with different networks. If I have a video that's locked to a landing page regarding DIY methods on fancy knitting and such, but to see the rest of the content, they have to complete an offer that's totally irrelevant to them cause I'm locked into the CPA's locker, then my logic would dictate that offer is going to have a far lower conversion rate.

    With all that said, I'm new to this, so I don't really know what converts Best, what niches are great for content locking and so on. I'm seriously thinking about offering successful CPA affiliates unique articles to provide me with niches they have moved on from, but would still generate income for someone like me.

    God I can rabbit on eh!
  12. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Day 5

    Nothing really report today. Working most of the time in the house doing re-wiring the wife insisted upon. Videos haven't moved, some more views, but still no conversions.

    Will add more views and likes tonight. Will try and find more niches with a quicker return tomorrow.

    Amazon Small article, meh!

    Adsense $1.17

    Will possibly be getting some tools to help me back link tomorrow.
  13. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Day 6/7

    I never gave an update yesterday, as there really wasn't anything to update. No point wasting the forums bandwidth. Now some thoughts and a small update.

    So, The original videos 1, 2 and 4 are still doing ok, but no conversions. I had a guy who does landing pages for other people have a quick look at mine. He said they were quite good, and the videos too. The take home message from this is, it's easy to rank no.1 for keywords that don't really receive that many exact results. and even if they do seem to generate a decent amount of organic traffic, you really need to slam home that what your offering, they really need.

    This is obvious to many CPA veterans no doubt, and it was obvious to me, but I realise now that I need to be more aggressive in my sell, rather than softly softly approach I was taking.

    I thought I was getting a little bit better at keyword research on YouTube, but I'm not so sure now. I'm now taking a post on this forum into consideration when considering CPA+keyword research now. This was a post, posted by anes, were you're really looking to rank the video in Google, but using YouTube as the vehicle., so rather than concentrate completely on the YouTube keyword research tool, use the Google keyword tool as well, and try and generate traffic from the search engines too. At least I think that's what anes was doing.

    I've uploaded another Video in YouTube adhering to the above method. We shall see what comes of this.

    I now have GSA search engine ranker to backlink videos. This tool will take some getting to grips with, and I don't have the money to be blowing on dedicated proxies at the moment. However from a short test, even using the proxy tool supplied with the software, it looks like it's capable of generating hundreds of verified links no problem, some of them are even high PR. You can then use the tool to backlink to the original backlinks and create a tier two, nifty stuff. This ends the CPA update.


    Amazon has been put on the back burner just now. I realise I was spreading myself too thin.

    Adsense day 6/7 $3.00

    I need to sort this site out. I was hacked a while back, and it appears that the hack created additional pages from which to link from my website, as well as a load of other junk. This has created duplicate content on my site, as a result my traffic has probably halved. I'm not very competent at this wordpress stuff or redirects etc. So I'll have to get some kind chap to have a look a look at this for me ( here's looking at you kiddo )

    If any of you more experienced guys at CPA have old campaigns they've now moved on from, but are still even marginally profitable want to hit me up with a PM, i'd be very grateful, even as guidance. In return I can offer you unique written articles for your wordpress or Web 2.0's . I could even direct GSA at other links you need backlinked as way of compensation.

    Till the next time.
  14. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    Wow. I want to here more about the GSA thing. :)
    Anyways, good update. Learn more about how to convert, because your getting lots of organic traffic. If offers don't work, make it an Opt-in list so that the traffic will not come to waster. Every keyword has an offer. :)
    You can do it man.
  15. blastemskyhigh

    blastemskyhigh Affiliate affiliate

    For the security on your websites, make sure to check your htaccess txt. in your sites root folder, and make sure that you have the proper sites you want on it.
  16. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    as far as making videos anytime you can use real people in your videos and get them to plug your site the more visitors you will get. Also videos that are instructional about almost anything no matter how small it is will get more click through. As well as having links embedded within the video will help too.
  17. david1973

    david1973 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for yours and other comments. I haven't left this journey by the way. I'm still at it, I just haven't had conversions yet. Run out of credit for views too. So building them and using them daily.

    if I was doing something cpa related that would be best served by a person talking in the video, then it's definitely something I'd do. I have the link within the video too, even just too stop the videos being copyrighted. Though this is easy overcome if you make the effort, depending on how they've copyrighted it of course.

    I'm just having difficulty with niche selection. Quite embarrassing really, others make day one I haven't converted day 13, lol. I'm using good descriptions, combining different tags methods, and am learning GSA to backlink from multiple high PR sources. I've now got scrapebox too. Building a list at the moment.

    Currently, I've done another video last night and another landing page. But I'm trying something a bit different this time, I also have other ideas floating around, but I wont implement them until I start seeing some conversions.
  18. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    You will not know if it will help your campaigns or not if you don't test them.
    Maybe, your twist in mind is the one technique that your campaigns are waiting for. JUST DO IT!. :)
  19. revenue20

    revenue20 Think and Get Rich... affiliate

    Wish you the very best David, I look forward to joining you in your youtube journey.
  20. SayMyName

    SayMyName Affiliate affiliate

    Any update? nice start man thanks

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