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Cookie Stuffing Hijinks

Linda Buquet

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Cookie Stuffing, iFrames and Pop Ups - Oh My!

Is it OK to serve full page pop unders of CJ links?" someone asks in the following forum thread. Many affiliates that reply do not know the answer. The answer is NO. It's considered cookie-stuffing or setting forced clicks - I consider it commission stealing and besides that it's bad for the online marketing industry in general.

Some affiliates basically say - hey if it helps ME increase sales then I will do it and don't CARE if it's stealing from other affiliates. Read the rest and find out how stuff like this hurts the whole industry.

What do you think???


Wow! I didn't think of that. I am new hear and know alot about the affiliate marketing industry, but I didn't think of something like that occurring.

I don't do it and I hope that other people would not concider doing it.