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WPRiders affiliate program - 10% recurring (lifetime) + 365-days cookie

WPRiders affiliate program - 10% recurring (lifetime) + 365-days cookie

Product Name
WordPress development retainer
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Development subscriptions ranging from $1200 to $4400/month
Payment Types
  1. Wire
  2. CC
Earn 10% recurring (lifetime) commission as an affiliate of WPRiders agency.

Here's what a WPRiders affiliate gets:
  1. Earn a 10% recurring(lifetime!) affiliate commission for all purchases from companies you refer.
  2. Your commissions range between $52 and $440 monthly for each service a client orders.
  3. You have a 365-day tracking cookie, which is almost never seen in the industry.

Some of our affiliates are making hundreds of $ per month from the affiliate program.

More details on the affiliate program can be found here: Affiliates


ABOUT WPRIDERS - The most reliable WordPress Programming for small to mid-sized businesses and startups

1. WPRiders Project Managers are all former developers

Our entire team is fluent in English, so they understand your requests, provide advice, real-time communication for mission-critical tasks, status reports every 3 days and weekly meetings for all projects.

2. Over 1500 five-star reviews

We build a LOT of websites, digital products and custom plugins for the biggest brands and coolest startups so we know what works and what doesn't.

3. First-in-class website development and support

Including automated screenshot comparison tools to identify errors on your website, written test plans with 27+ steps to check your website, and code reviews by principal developers.


Our packages start at $1200/month and give you access to an integrated team of developers, advisers, QA specialists, designers, project managers, and not just a single person. We manage them all for you and then communicate to you in a simple language so you would understand what is needed and what is not needed.

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