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confusion over adsense/suggested bid/ad-types/

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by c4d, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. c4d

    c4d Affiliate affiliate

    After reading a few blogs trying to get ideas for new sites I found this big post on Patt flynns site where he talks about how he set up a site around Security Guard Training (cant post the link, google is your friend)

    I'm thinking of doing something like this for a different career and following the same monetization strategy (adsense).

    I'm just not sure about one variable when it comes to finding keywords for an adsense site. I found some pretty good keywords but I am not sure if I should be taking into account the "suggested bid" variable in googles keyword planner tool.

    To put it into perspective, here is a comparison of my keyword to Pat Flynns keyword.

    My keyword - Avg Monthly Searches (approx 20k) - Suggested bid (around $0.50)
    Security Guard Training - Avg Monthly Searches (9,900) - Suggested bid ($2.85)

    Does this mean my keyword would NOT be a good earner ? I also noticed his site has two types of adsense ads. One under the menu that has different keywords related to his site (training, security guard training, etc) and another ad block that advertises via a display banner and that is completely irrelevant to his site and seems to be a re-targeting ad that changes depending on the users history/cookies. Does this mean my keyword can still be a good earner despite the low suggested bid and I should still consider it (depending whether or not the competition is weak of course) since the site will be an adsense site and the visitor will be seeing ads based on his history/cookies?
  2. newbidder
  3. Joojick

    Joojick Affiliate affiliate

    Hi! You definitely should try.
    First of all, I'd strongly advise you to think about you keyword. Isn't it too wide? For example, keyword "shoes" has extreme search, however the real revenue from it would be low, as users don't usually search for buying it, but to check what's trending etc.
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  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    It is always a good thing to try the fields that you have not explored. In fact, I ma very encouraged that you want to try this thing and see if it can be your another source of income. On the matters of pop up, there are several types of ads that people subscribe to so as to display them on a website. I think you have selected the option of both pop ups and the pop under. Do not neglect the ads even when they are not well paying as you say. They will give you a constant source of income hence embrace them to the fullest take nothing to chances.

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