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Selling Cloaking Solution for $20 per month per campaign

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Cloaker, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Cloaker

    Cloaker Affiliate affiliate

    AffiliateFix Members,

    your forum has helped me many times over the last years and I often found interesting otherwise-hard-to-get deals here. Today, I may be able to give you such a deal (check "Who is this deal for" @ end of article).

    I am a PPC marketer and well-versed in anything Performance-Marketing-related, however, the reason for this posting is that I decided to freelance some of my Cloaker capacity through Fiverr.

    I am offering you access to a a Cloaking Framework suitable to cloak all major networks and am willed to give you access to it for $20 per month per campaign (a campaign, here, being the set of one money-page and one safe-page - rates decrease with longer subscriptions).

    Since I don't like all the "hyped Sales talk" on Marketing Forums I will cut it here (find a detailed FAQ below). What I am offering is access to a Cloaking Solution, a really good one, not more, not less. If you want to check out the deal and all the details surrounding it, go to Fiverr and search for "Cloaking" (Fiverr Username is "Cloaking" and Gig Title is "I will give you access to a Cloaking Solution").

    Thanks for your kind attention.

    - - -

    ***FYI, there's a detailed gig description and FAQ section on Fiverr. Here's the AffiliateFix Forum FAQ.***

    What is it: I am offering access to a Cloaking Solution, a piece of tech that will give you the power to split and direct your traffic, based on a variety of characteristics (such as, user characteristics, organizational characteristics, network affiliation, bot vs Unique traits, and many more, depending on your needs).

    Why use it / me vs. other Cloakers: To make this clear, the Cloaking Solution advertised here will do nothing else than what other industry players / cloaking-service providers do. So, there's no technical edge that I am claiming to have. Put differently, if you use my service or another good, reputable Cloaking Service, shouldn't make that much difference, result-wise, if you're doing it correctly. So, now, what's reasons for using the Cloaking Solution advertised here. Ease-of-access is a good point, it's not always easy to sign up for a Cloaking Solution; here it is. Newbie-friendliness is another point; one, you can follow an easy process to get startet, or, two, you can purchase a Skype QA or a complete Walk-Through-Package if you are not a techie or feel you need assistance; generally, there is no tech-knowledge required to handle this Cloaking Solution, which is a stand-alone point IMO. Thirdly, for people who are not running a high volume of cloaking-needed campaigns or folks who want to test cloaking-needed campaigns, it's affordable, being just $20 per month per campaign (lower prices if several months are selected). Fourth, since the safe-page is gonna be hosted within the Cloaker's tech environment I can assure you maximum accuracy and minimum footprint, something that can be achieved with the majority of cloakers out there, but something that many miss because they don't get their tech setup right. Another obvious one is Buyer Protection, which is offered through Fiverr - I've made a lot of experiences shopping for Online Marketing tech online and know that Buyer Protection can be an issue; here it's assured. Well, anyways, the point I wanted to make is, it's, surprise, yet another Cloaking Solution - a good one though but it does what the others do as well -, however, it may speak to you - feel free to give it a try.

    Who is it not for: People that are already Cloaking experts, or that already have subscriptions with major cloakers, as I will not be able to give them anything new. People that want to use Cloaking to market something unethical (decision by me). Marketers who have a problem with hosting a safe-page somewhere else than their own server.

    Who is it for: People who want to test a Cloaking Solution. People who don't have a high volume of cloaking-needed campaigns. People who have or had problems gaining access to major cloakers. People who have problems getting admitted into networks because of their aggressive money-pages or the like. People who feel Cloaking is for them but struggled to find a suitable framework. Non-techie people interested in Cloaking. Folks looking for one-stop-shop packages where cloaking, safe-page creation and hosting, and assistance, are included. People who are looking for easy-to-follow processes and good collaboration.

    Why Fiverr: Fiverr offers Buyer Protection. When I started out buying services through Forums, I struggled with not being covered through Buyer Protection. In the beginning, I also encountered the occasional scammer. With Fiverr, all this cannot happen. Buyer Protection - that's your protection - is assured!

    Further questions: If you want to ask further questions, feel free to use Fiverr or this Forum. There's no guarantee I am gonna answer all further questions, as Cloaking is a complex matter and its effectiveness, at times, requires confidentiality, but I will give my best to make everything as clear as possible and be responsive. Again, there's a detailed FAQ on Fiverr.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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