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  1. Adam80Johnson

    NoIPFraud&AdsBridge Settings

    Hi there! In my time I had scoured the web to find cloaking setting with a cloud tracker. So I had to do all the settings on my own. I’ve spent several days on it. As a result, I’ve figured out everything by myself. The manual is described here in all the details. It will be understandable even...
  2. MarketCall

    Affiliates Wanted Need affiliates that cloak Facebook (CBD)

    Looking for affiliates that can cloak Facebook. Our offer is CBD related: CBD Oil CBD Gummies CBD pain patches
  3. Stasy

    Who knows any resellers of cloak traffic?

    Hi everybody! I need Nigerian traffic for my Nutra offer and I know there is a lot of it in FB and Google, but I don't want to do cloaking and farming. Are there any traffic sources that provide cloak traffic from FB and Google? Some manager once offered me their cloak traffic but later said...
  4. Cloaker

    Selling Cloaking Solution for $20 per month per campaign

    AffiliateFix Members, your forum has helped me many times over the last years and I often found interesting otherwise-hard-to-get deals here. Today, I may be able to give you such a deal (check "Who is this deal for" @ end of article). I am a PPC marketer and well-versed in anything...
  5. wairdus

    Big Russian Journey into FB & Adwords

    Hi. Decided to start this follow along to make more disipline to my affiliate-work. First about me: I'm from Russia, 27yo, about 4 years in affiliate marketing, but my experience with Facebook just about 7000-8000$ total, principally Instagram ads (i dont know why, just think it's more easier...
  6. SEOwarez

    Selling ⛺⛺⛺ Advanced Cloaking Solution For Wordpress ⚡ Increase Leads & Sales! ⛺⛺⛺

    SCREENSHOT: Imagine how much traffic you lose on your own landing/buffer pages that just doesn't click through to the offer you are promoting! Now you can send all that traffic DIRECTLY to your affiliate/CPA network, which usually results in higher commissions. Normally its not so easy to...
  7. karim02

    About Cloaking :

    Hi all Affiliatefix member's I wish you all a great day; I'm just wondering if there's any resource or a online course that teach how to cloak you can point me to,especially cloacking for mobile,Thanks in advance.