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ClickBank Report ? input needed?


New Member
Hey Everyone,

I have been toying with a new idea, and I would very much appreciate your feedback.

Over the past couple of months I have been working extremely hard on some conversion and ClickBank integration tactics to drive up my sales conversions.

I have basically assembled 6 months worth of data (which has primarily been for my own use) and worked daily on individual and VERY small points, testing and improving specific areas.

The result has been that on one of my ClickBank accounts, I have been able to push sales up from a little over $120.00 a day to just on $1500,00 dollars a day? all on virtually the same amount of traffic.

Having learnt some very valuable lessons in this exercise I have been looking at other ClickBank merchants? and I discovered that 90% of them ARE NOT doing the 3 things that had the greatest impact towards improving my results.

?.. That said, I have been thinking about assembling my results and findings into a report (of sorts) and I would just like to know what your thoughts, reservations, ideas and general feelings would be about such a report?

I must stress that I am not into all this Internet Marketing Hype and tripe. I prefer to put things as they are and let people make informed decisions, so your feedback here will be really valuable to me if such a report is ever to materialise.

Thanks a mil guys!

Linda Buquet

Hi Justin,

I don't deal with CB or CB merchants at all, but if you have INFO that would help them increase sales that much then I think it would be worth doing.

Clickbank Hotshot

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hi Justin. i couldn't tell from your post whether you are thinking of trying to sell your report or not (but you did mention the IM hype stuff, so maybe yes). either way i think you should produce your report. at the very least you could bundle it into an autoresponder white paper course and build traffic with it. of course, the Clickbank merchant market is fairly small, and your methods for increasing sales are likely non-Clickbank specific anyway, so it might be a good idea to emphasize the universal nature of the points you are making.

if you created articles instead of a report from your material i know that i would probably stick them on my upcoming Clickbank themed site.

do report back here on your progress with this. i don't sell anything on Clickbank (yet) but i would definitely be interested in what you have to say. i have surveyed ALL Clickbank sites and made up my own Top 10 Clickbank Merchant Mistakes article which will appear on my site when the time comes.

good luck with it. and congrats on $1500 a day. sweet :)

Linda Buquet

Hi Jason,

"Just as a matter of interest, why don?t you deal with CB?"

I primarily deal with mainstream "real product" retail affiliate programs as opposed to info products and ebooks. I don't really care for the 'image" CB has either. I think its too hypey and get-rich quick and there are too many companies trying to profit from selling n00bs info on how to make money on the Internet. I also think their reporting is terrible (unless they've added click tracking).

I realize those are broad general statements. I realize some affiliates make lots of money with CB and I know there are probably many great products that are an exception to what I said above. I'm not saying CB is bad OR people should not work with them. But you asked for my personal opinion and that's in a nutshell why I personally don't work with CB.


Hey Justin,
I am brand new here. I, for one, would be very interested in reading your report. I have just started in the last couple of weeks in the affiliate program and have been doing some testing with 2 products that are from clickbank. I also want to get involved in other products from CJ and LS. But, as it is now, I have made $0 on my 2 ads and I think for CB, the two products I picked out of alot of searching seemed to me to be good prospects. Hopefully, I will learn from reading and talking with people on this site what I might be doing wrong and how to get things going in the right track. I know alot of newbies, like me, to affiliate marketing would find your report very helpful if it works that well. Look forward to reading it in the future.


Hi Justin

Sounds like a great idea. How do you know that other ClickBank merchants are not doing the 3 things that have the greatest impact towards improving results?


Sounds like it would be a worth while effort.
Are you selling the product?


CB Report

Generally I have found CB to be very bad for sales
Other affiliate schemes I participate in have produced much more in the way of sales, whereas CB has been very poor

However I might produce my own products for the CB marketplace in the future