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Christmas Blessings

Linda Buquet

Hi all,

Hope everyone had the best Christmas ever.

My new 4 month old granddaughter (Allie) kidnapped me for an extra day and literally would not let me leave at noon yesterday as I had planned. She had my heart strings and would not let go!!! I was all packed and the car was loaded, ready to go but Melissa my daughter/best friend and I started crying when I tried to leave. So she and my wonderful son in law Warren made me unpack and stay one more night.

This was THE most amazing Christmas I have ever had in my entire life - and that's A LOT of Christmases! My 1st Christmas with all the extended families. It was so spiritually rich, tradition filled and overflowing with love. I literally feel reborn. I also after many, many years of trying - quit smoking so I really do feel like a new person.

Amazing what a difference a new grand baby can make! Allie has always been a good natured baby and has been smiling a ton for awhile now, but just started laughing out loud and talking up a storm so it was so fun to be with her. It was so hard to leave.

But I made it back and can't wait to catch up on the forum and all the blogs to see what's new. I was only gone for 3 days but it feels like 3 weeks.

Missed you guys!