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Charles Clark Here, Are you ready for some action!


Hello everyone, I'm Charles Clark. I'm not really new to affiliate marketing, but I am new to this forum. I have been marketing online for over 5 years now but have only recently started to see real progress. Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business to be involved with but for most people the learning curve is just too much to handle. My advice to all newbies is, if you really have a feeling inside that you want an alternative to your current 9-5 just don't give up keep reading and asking as many questions as you can and things will eventually come to light. As I said before I have been involved for over five years and the first 3-4 of them were very disappointing but well worth the effort.

Linda Buquet

Hey Charles,

Welcome to 5 Star. Are you ready for some action?
We look forward to having some of your enthusiasm rub off on our members. :p


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Welcome to 5 Star, Charles.

I am glad you decided to become a member and we all look forward to your participation in some of the discussions.