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[CASE STUDY] Mobile Pops/Redirect Campaign That Made me $150/day average

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by iamattila, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. iamattila

    iamattila Affiliate affiliate

    People that know me, know that I am big time into mobile. I don't cloak facebook and run muscle, skin or diet; sure doing rebills and free trials is what will get you 200-500% ROI but you also have to deal with accounts going down constantly, tons of new credit cards for the new accounts so it definitely is too much for someone just starting affiliate marketing.

    I have a real agency [with employees - see post here], and at many traffic sources we enjoy special perks like once a month billing (Golden nugget: you too can get that once you hit xxxx per day revenue on a traffic source)

    Anyway, I like running green and establishing long term relationships with AMs + Traffic Sources. It's not what you know, its who you know - I'm sure you heard this many times before, well its true for affiliate marketing as well.

    Typically many newbies will start on a traffic source and they'll expect VIP treatment; HUGE MISCONCEPTION - traffic sources have interest so they won't really kiss your ass until you show them you mean business. After you get to to the xxxx per day level, doors will open and premium placements will come knocking plus net30 billing and many other perks that come with being a high volume affiliate.

    To get you started on your journey what I am going to do now, is give you something I was really hesitant about. You don't have to pay me a cent for it, you owe me nothing. What comes around goes around, I'm a firm believer so here is a campaign that you can run now and bank.

    This campaign made me on average 150 after getting it off the ground with little maintenance. It was pretty fun too, combining current events/trends with economical realities that everyone's broke and wants to save money.

    So lets go!


    Campaign Vertical: Sweepstakes (Mobile)
    Geo: Canada
    Traffic source: It is a mobile POP source, i won't give this to you though :p
    Offer: Gift Certificate to Starbucks
    Payout: $1.75
    Accepted traffic: ALL


    Before getting into anything, I wanted to go broad - because in my experience and here's a golden nugget - broad appeal campaigns, and angles are always the best - because if you want to scale, you can - if you go niche, you won't have volume and as much scaling ability.

    Neways, when I ran this campaign I picked starbucks because everyone I know in Canada always goes on starbucks runs, so its a no brainer and fou0nd a starbucks gift card at one of my preferred networks (if you are on my mailing list you know which CPA Networks I use)

    I was going to make a lander which asks the visitor a few question about a very hot trend and then gives them a reward. How did I identify trends? I went on to google trends of course! Selected canada, then selected celebrities since everyone is obsessed about celebrities. Ended up Picking PAUL WALKER because a lot of buzz was going around at the time - may he rest in peace.

    Now that I had my trend picked out, It was time to make a lander. I used the design services of bannerslanders and asked them to make a simple survey lander. Here it is:


    As you can see it has a few important elements

    1) Headline getting the attention of the person who lands on this lander
    2) Sub heading that tells them about the reward
    3) A picture that helps even the dumbest idiots who didn't know who paul walker is know immediately
    4) A block of text with the question telling them that there's 3 questions, so its easy
    5) Yes and No buttons
    6) A Background showing the PRIZE (this often gets forgotten by affiliates, but in my tests putting an image of the prize in the background is like subliminal messaging and it works)

    I split tested 5 angles on the top header

    Angle1 - Are you a true paul walker fan?
    Angle2 - Paul Walker passed away, but his legacy lives on!
    Angle3 - Do you know Paul Walker?
    Angle4 - How well do you know PAUL WALKER?
    Angle5 - Are you smart enough? 7 out of 10 of your friends answered correctly!

    NOTE: One of these angles performed really well, I won't tell you which though, but if you can connect the dots - it's obvious ;)

    Stages of running this offer

    #1) I spent $100 to collect data, so thats like $20 per lander. This helped me establish one thing, which lander was the best out of the gate.

    I was bidding high, I looked at what the top bid is and added 30% because I wanted data fast, and to spend my initial budget of $100!

    #2) Next up, I paused all the landers that weren't so good, I was looking at CV in volume.

    Now I had a winning angle, NOTE how I still didn't touch the placements, or did anything else.

    #3) More split testing was in order.

    I had B&L make some more variations of this lander, different background colour instead of yellow, different font colour, adding border, moving stuff around, ie the question above the picture, the picture on the top - other randomness. Basically everything I can think off.

    There was slight increase in CR, then I did the next best thing and added testimonials on the bottom under the YES AND NO Buttons and this increased my CR by 50%. It was people holding the gift card (yea I had it photoshopped) and smiling and giving some BS. I also paid some woman on Fiverr to give me a video testimonial holding up a gift card which I made her print out - yea it cost me 10 gigs but whatever...

    I like to split test a ton of stuff before going in and looking at placements. I don't care if a placement is draining my profits and funds my belief is that if you find the best mix after split testing like a mofo u can make a ton of shitty placements at least break even. And in my experience how traffic sources work, the more placements you buy from the more volume u get overall. So that's another golden tip right there.

    After running another $100 bucks on my new multivariate tests, I found 3 landers that were at a good target ROI for me, and i paused the rest.

    #4) Now I ran another $100 bucks by this time i was only around -32% in the whole overall and 300$ spend.

    Next it was finally time to look at placements, my golden rule is offer payout x3 at these lil payout offers, since I had my landers ultra optimized only through the last few days, I looked at the data during the last 3 days in VOLUUM, not prior, because then my numbers would've been off.

    So, based on the past 3 days, I started pausing placements that were under my cost, and minimum offer payout x3 in spend. I did this quickly because I simply exporting all the placements from volume to a excel CSV, then sorted by the criteria using the rules in open office spreadsheets IF placement sent x visits, and EPV is < realCPC (which I calculated manually btw, pm me if u wanna know how) and gave it to my worker to go into the traffic source and one by one block everything, since this traff source doesn't allow mass exclude/pause.

    Day after we were at break even, day after that we were at 30% roi, and again looking at the placements and moving up my exclusion treshold from offer payout x3 to offer payout x5 we did another exclusion and after that ended up at 50% ROI or around 147$ per day on auto.

    Where to go from here? How to turn the $150/day into xxxx per day!?

    There's two roads I could've taken here, road one is to scale it horizontal and road two is to scale it vertical.

    Scaling it horizontal that is when we'd take this to other redirect/pop sources - this is my favorite and the fastest you just really have to know each traffic source you scale it to because its NOT JUST CUT N PASTING IT. What no one tells you when they say you really gotta know the traffic source before you jump around means, is that every traffic source responds differently to change, for example if you change the bid on 1 source, it might kill your campaign because it restarts you in the chain of bidders; whereas on the other traffic source, if you remove a targeting option it might kill your campaign, or if you decrease and increase budgets - so yea before you go crazy scaling horizontal, put in $500-1000 and focus on getting to know that 1 traffic source.

    Scaling it vertical is if we'd take all the top 10 most popular celebs in Canada for example, and make a series of questions and lander for each, then run them all and rinse and repeat. It is like how you'd take a global mobile offer and scale it into other geos. Heck, that reminds me you could scale this to other geos and just swich up the lander/reward text to be relevant to that country. TIP: I know in some eastern eu geos, grocery
    vouchers ie TESCO are killing it right now... so u could technically use the same method.

    That's it for now, hope you find this case study helpful.

    iAmAttila shares.
  2. newbidder
  3. yafee

    yafee Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you, nice perspective. This gives new inspiration.
    But still curious about the traffic source :D
  4. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Amazing guide. Thanks for the share :)
  5. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Well Attila,

    Nice case study , but this case study is how many years old?

    If the truth is $xxxx per day in traffic, mere 3 figure case study is like peanuts for you. :)
  6. JailHouse

    JailHouse Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you very much for the insight. It shows how much you have to work at it to get to the profit!

    Thanks again.
  7. sleenirvana

    sleenirvana Affiliate affiliate

    Iamattila awesome case study. Coming from a big time guy like you has alot of credibility. Thanks
  8. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Good to have you on the Fix iamattila

    Great case study :)
  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  10. vmpromo

    vmpromo Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your case study.
  11. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    I've been a big follower from Attila and his blog (and from STM). Nice to see you here!
  12. arc0300

    arc0300 Affiliate affiliate

    awesome. thanks for the information. lots of tidbits that needs to be re-read and re-read. :)

    have you ever tried DL to the offer then instead of the lander? or based on your past experiences, these types of offers just work better with these kind of landers?
  13. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Great casestudy. Thanks for sharing.
  14. blackbeard

    blackbeard Affiliate affiliate

    Paul Walker died in november last year. The case study is not too old,
  15. jordan08

    jordan08 Affiliate affiliate

    Great case study but are we allowed to use celebrities pictures?
  16. Littleboy

    Littleboy Affiliate affiliate

    Not advisable to use celebrities pictures
  17. KennyNyce

    KennyNyce Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Great Case Study

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