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Can someone help me answer some questions for newbies?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Alice, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Alice

    Alice Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys,
    I have a few questions hoping someone can help me, thanks

    What are the top geo's you are currently seeing your traffic from?

    • Who are you publisher partners and how do you manage your activity with them? Are these direct developers/publishers (managed via JSTags, SDK etc.) or do you also have re-brokered activity (via links) with affiliates and network partners?

    • Would they include developers (in-app traffic), publishers (mobile web) or only a variety of network partners ?

    • How do you eventually manage your activity with these partners? Do you fully control there monetization (via Tags, SDK etc.), or do they have access to a panel through which you would be sending them (or they would be choosing) standard links?

    • Do you work on your own internal platform for the campaign serving and management, or an external affiliate platform (such as HasOffers)?

    • What are the main OSs?

    • Is the traffic both incent/ non-incent?

    • What kind of adevertising formats can you support? Banners/ Interstitials/ Video / Native / Rewarded video etc.

    • In reference to your media buying verticals, can you please elaborate on the specific channels this activity would be managed? Where exactly are these media buys (self-
    serve, programmatic etc.) and targeted to which sources?

    • Would you be able to pass back transparency parameters for sensitive advertisers (such as Sub ID, IDFA, App name and URL upon the click)?

    As for the API integration, please advise on these few technical details:

    • Will you need us to tell you the offer is live, or will you see it yourself on the API feed?

    • Do you need updates on the PO and Cap? Or its updating automatically?

    • Do you have a limit on the amount of offers on the API?

    • Does your abilities (transparency, city target etc.) – will go via the API or we need to tell you in advance the request per offer?

    • How does the priority of offers works in your API? (PO, CR, Ecpm etc).
  2. adcombo
  3. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Alice, let us know exactly what you need to know, cause as i can see, you seem to look at what others are doing to try to copy it exactly, but i'll suggest you something simple, that you can apply, if you are intending to run your first campaign,
    choose what you are intending to promote exactly,
    chose a target audience,
    build a prelanding page,
    try to drive traffic,
    look and apply to a good traffic source,
    and to help you out making the work simpler, and avoid mistakes, try to learn about the tools that could help you out handling your campaign, like Trackers, as Voluum; adsbridge, but also Spy-tools as Admobispy, Whatrunswhere, etc...