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Calling All Introverts

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by geebee88, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. geebee88

    geebee88 Affiliate affiliate

    I describe myself as an introvert because I do spend most of each day alone with my desktop.

    Although I am able to get up and speak to a whole room full of people, and don't feel nervous when doing so, I like the internet more than a crowd of gossipers.

    Contrary to popular beliefs, the extroverts do not rule the world. I checked and found that many great leaders of countries and corporations were, in fact, introverts. Why? Because we are decisive, well-prepared, self-reliant and accustomed to making choices.

    Extroverts, being at the other end of the spectrum, are chatty and generally engage in shallow "how's the weather?" type subject matter that an introvert finds tedious and unnecessary.

    We are strategic, logical, and honest to a fault. Some people don't care for our forthright manner and we don't really care.

    So, we have the skills that make for good marketing. We see the situation, determine the problem, analyze the options and proceed with our chosen solution.

    As affiliates, being self-reliant is paramount, and we are considered to be the finest there is, as long as the assignment is not to flutter around social media and make small-talk, that is.

    Let's take a poll...if you regard yourself as an introvert, tell us your story - what are your key strengths and what do you look for in terms of opportunities?

    This is a thread and you're among friends, so feel welcome to comment. No one is judging.
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  3. visserr

    visserr Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think that this is the only truth about introverts and extroverts. I guess there are plenty of exceptions.