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ByOffers - Dating/Insurance/Health Network
ByOffers CPA affiliate program: sign up & start monetizing Essay traffic TODAY!

ByOffers is a CPA affiliate program with one of the largest selection of High-converting & Top-payingeducation offers. All our offers are Exclusive! We provide proven and trusted monetization options 24 hours, 365 days a year. Byoffers database includes over 750 certified writers who deliver 100% unique texts and receive high appreciation among customers.

Our mission as an affiliate program is to help you make good money online and bring new customers to our products. We offer you beneficial partnership based on Revenue Share and CPA models. Your affiliate link will give you up to $150,000 per year!

With ByOffers you will:
  • Maximize revenue from your traffic by getting $30 CPA on every new order you refer.
  • Earn up to 55% Revenue Share on new orders.
  • Receive passive income of $15 CPA on every repeat order lifetime.
Here's what you can earn:
Let's assume you bring 10 new clients per day (or 300 per month) and try to calculate your revenue based on each model we offer.

1. $30 CPA
Let's say you decided to promote a $30 CPA offer. What can you earn? To convert your effort into income, let's multiply 10 new clients by $30.
10 new clients x $30 = $300 of your daily income!
300 new clients x $30 = $9000 per month! Not bad, huh?

2. $15 CPA (FLAT)
Average order is typically an essay which contains about 10 pages. Statistically, 9 out of 10 customers make up to 7 repeat orders over the next 6 months. So let's say you decided to go with flat $15 CPA offer (remember, you get paid $15 not only for new clients' orders, but for repeat orders, too) Let's count what you'll get.
300 new orders per month x $15 = $4500 (monthly revenue from new orders)
BUT you get paid for repeat orders too, right? Let's count your earnings.
300 clients x 7 repeat orders = 2100 repeat orders
2100 orders x $15 = $31500 of passive income over the next 6 months!

3. 55% Revenue Share
Price of the order depends on the type of work (essay, research paper, term paper, dissertation etc.), so it can be $100 for an essay or $2000 for dissertation. Let's take the minimum, which is $100 and see what you can earn.
10 new orders x $100 x 55% = $550 (your daily earnings)
300 new orders x $100 x 55% = $16500 (your monthly income)

We have No CAP! The more customers you bring, the more you earn! If you have any questions, you can contact us on Skype: byoffers or ByOffers website

Make the most from your Education traffic with ByOffers!
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Get 500 usd/day with no efforts at all!
Hi partners! We give you opportunity to receive monthly passive income as high as 500 usd per day! You just need to refer affiliates with desktop and mobile education traffic to affiliate program and each month you will be paid 10% from earnings of your referrals. For example, the partner you referred to ByOffers made 10 000 usd in July, so you will be paid 10% (1000 usd) in August. And if you refer several partners - you will be paid 10% from all of them. It's simple!

If you still do not have account at ByOffers affiliate program - Sign Up ;)
For all questions contact me via Skype 'byoffers'​
Hurry up to catch a High Season and earn on Essay offers ;)

Students are coming back to colleges, it's your time to make $$$ by promoting custom writing services.

If you are not registered at ByOffers yet - Sign Up here

Have account in ByOffers? Contact your AM for best suggestions on the offers promotion!
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With the start of new education season we added new geo for our partners. Now our essay offers are targeting US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, AE and DE.


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