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  1. emily bizprofits

    emily bizprofits Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    BizProfits.com -The Premium CPA Network

    Hello everyone,

    I'm glad to introduce to you one of the most rewarding CPA network - BizProfits!

    BizProfits provides a wide range of the most converting CPA offers to satisfied affiliates worldwide. Due to our strong & ever-growing base of affiliates, advertisers receive top quality & targeted leads for each and every campaign.

    Become an Affiliate
    • The Highest EPC & CPA Conversions
    • High Converting Exclusive & International Offers
    • Variety of Verticals to Promote
    • Popular CPA, Free Trial & Straight Sale Offers
    • Guaranteed Timely Payouts
    • Full Commission on 2nd Step Orders and Upsells/Cross-Sells
    • Gorgeously Converting Html Sites, Banners and Landing Pages
    • Cookie Tracking & Full Reports on Performance
    • 24/7 Support & Personal Account Management

    Become an Advertiser
    • High ROI
    • Hand-Picked Selection of Top Publishers in The Industry
    • Exact Traffic Match for Your Offers
    • Traffic Quality Monitoring
    • Frequent Automated & Manual Fraud Checks
    • Real Time Analytics & Full Traffic Performance Reports
    • Dedicated & Personal Account Management

    To get more information and sign-up, please, visit BizProfits.com
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  2. terraleads
  3. emily bizprofits

    emily bizprofits Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

  4. huong2234

    huong2234 Affiliate affiliate

    Your payment received from this network yet?
  5. popwee

    popwee Affiliate affiliate

    Any proofs, guys?
  6. traged

    traged Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, so many negative comments? I work with them for a some time and always got paid so far, can show you proofs...Well, last payment was before 6 months, maybe they got worse in the meantime? I still have $950 unpaid with Bizprofits but my minimum payment is $1k if I am not mistaking...
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  7. emily bizprofits

    emily bizprofits Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate



    The person responsible for all these negative comments signed up to our network in the beginning of 2016.
    He signed up under the name Robert Clover with the email [email protected] stating that mysubscriptionaddiction.com was his website.
    We let him run, waiting for the advertiser's feedback. Feedback was that all of his orders are 100% fraud and we had to compensate them for over $10000 for the damage his traffic caused.
    Robert Clover's real name is Liu Xingrui and he has accounts in other CPA networks under the account name abmwoods90 he uses the Skype ID brianwadsworth3895 with us.
    During the investigation of this case we got to the real owner of mysubscriptionaddiction.com website asking if they have an employee called Robert Clover.
    They said there’s a person impersonating them to join affiliate programs and they are going to send another cease and desist letter.
    After understanding that he will not be paid for his fraud orders, Liu Xingrui tried to blackmail us by threatening to post bad and false posts about us.

    Our main focus in Bizprofits is providing our affiliates with the best converting offers and the best support they can get. One bad publisher can destroy an offer other good publishers enjoy and earn from.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. traged

    traged Affiliate affiliate

    Hm 3 guys with 1 post are saying that Bizprofits is scam? Little bit strange, isnt it?

    Ok i dont know about others, I can speak just for myself - my Bizprofits AM is always replaying and I ALWAYS got paid. Those unpaid $945 - I forgot I have changed my payment method to wire where $1000 is the limit. So I changed my payment method back to Paypal and guess what - I got my money today!

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  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  10. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    I deleted fipslwoegro dispute thread and banned this fool!
  11. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    Okay well, this is an interesting thread. I'm about $30 away from the $250 threshold, i'll report back if I get paid.
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  12. Alessandri

    Alessandri Affiliate affiliate

    Any news? How did it go?
  13. costsoldier

    costsoldier Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Everyone - I joined BizProfits about three weeks ago because they had some exciting offers that have disappeared from other networks.

    So far I am happy with the customer support, but nervous about receiving payment.

    On December 9th 2016 I was told via Skype that my first payment of ~$1200 would be December 19th 2016. It is now December 19th, and I have received no payment.

    I reached out to my Account Manager and while he was very quick to respond, he unfortunately said that my commissions still needed to be approved, and he didn't have a date I could expect payment now.

    This is a bit upsetting - a lesson that every publisher should learn is that don't push traffic to any network until you are comfortable with how the network operates, more specifically payment. As a result, I am no longer funneling traffic to them.

    I am still hopeful I will receive payment but this has definitely impacted my excitement.

    I will be sure to keep you updated on progress
  14. costsoldier

    costsoldier Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Everyone,
    Just to keep everyone updated - very happy to say I received payment over night without any further interaction.

    Truth be told, I probably should have waiting a couple of days to see if payment came through, but being a full-time publisher I am always anxious when working with a new network. (have been burnt before)

    In any case, I highly recommend this network. The affiliate manager is extremely responsive, and payment was received when promised.

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