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BigMoneyAffiliate links that I needed for optimization


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Hi-Everyone who I know loves to have great links well I found out very innocently that great links take a while to develop with good content in order to get and hopefully keep Google and the rest of the networks out there interested in my site. I am not there yet but I have been in touch with Godaddy and needed their advice for SEO optimization and the price was if I can remember correctly around $80.00 an hour with a minimum of hours I think to do the work which I think was 20 hours so I think I will do it myself and learn through trials and mistakes the required skills to do not just one of my website but more than one as per my budget as time goes on so let me know your thoughts on that. I am not a rich guy just someone who wants to be rich the commonsense way but again I can be wrong. My site name is BigMoneyaffiliate and it started about 5 months ago..YEp only a baby :)