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Best Social Exchange Websites?


New Member
There are websites out there that let you exchange twitter followers, retweets, facebook fans, pinterest followers and more? Do you use them?

Here are some of the popular ones

Some websites for gaining Twitter followers:
I had no idea there was such a thing. I really struggle with social media, particularly Twitter. I guess I just don't feel like I have anything of substance to add. I tweet a link to my newsletter once a week, but that is about it. Thanks for the information.

I was looking for something like this as I have just started using the social media for my projects.
I always had difficulty with it before.
I've not used any of these. They're good if you are just starting out to get following. This is because people would rather follow people that already have followers than those with none.
I have been looking for ways to get my content shared more through social networks. I shall definitely take a look at those social exchange websites. I don't mind promoting other people's content in exchange for having mine liked and tweeted, or retweeted. Great idea.

I am less interested in getting more Twitter followers, but they could be useful for anyone who is just starting out at Twitter.

To get the most out of these types of social exchange websites I think it is important to create quality posts and updates, and to make content that is worth sharing. Then these websites can help to get good content better known and more widely viewed.
I have never given it much thought, but now that you have mentioned it, I sure will give it a shot, I need Twitter followers desperately. OK maybe not so desperately but who wouldn't want a couple thousand extra Twitter followers right? Thanks for sharing.
There are a lot of social exchange sites, here are some that I personally use:
  • twiends - great for getting twitter followers
  • addmefast - great for... just about anything :D
  • linkcollider - not sure about this one, it used to be good but I haven't used it for a long time now... I used it for pageviews but it also has twitter and facebook tweets/likes
There might be more but I'm too tired to think now... I will refresh this post if any other site comes to my mind :)
Mhm, interesting. If you guys don't know it yet, PF recently updated their system and now they pump out more than 50 followers a day :) You can see their video on YT: watch?v=DD5j8o4jC18