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Best niches to promote in FB ads with unlimited accounts creation method

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by juan luis figueroa, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. juan luis figueroa

    juan luis figueroa Affiliate affiliate

    Hi people this is my first thread. I know How we can make unlimited FB Ads accounts. This accounts can run perfectly blackhat cpa campaigns but I dont have time to test and my best roi is only 20% + so far...¿what kind of niches do you recommend to promote?
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Hi, @juan luis figueroa and welcome! I hope you'll start a thread in the Introductions forum and give your fellow 'Fixers a chance to say hello and welcome you themselves. :)

    Re FB, there may be some great info for you in these threads by FBQueen, who was one of our Expert Affiliates:

    Gold - Affiliate Expert Week Archives. | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

    If you decide to join The Dojo, there is a BH forum inside there, as well as plenty of other great stuff.

    Just so you know...

    Re multiple accounts, please understand that the brokering of accounts (selling, advertising, etc.) is strictly forbidden on AffiliateFix. It violates the TOS of most social networks, as well as that of other types of sites and we simply don't do that.

    You can discuss your marketing methods and campaigns but please do not ask to buy, rent or sell accounts here. Thanks! :)
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  4. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    He could hire a virtual assistant to do his testing.
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