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Best Important Ways to Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by nurit, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. nurit

    nurit Affiliate affiliate

    With today's technology cell phones have become a part of everyday life. Whether used as a phone, calendar, watch, address book, camera, video camera, or even a computer, cell phones have allowed people to stay connected to all aspects of their life. No matter how your cell phone is used here are some simple tips on how to stay connected to your world longer.

    1. Turn the vibrate function off. The vibrate function is great if you’re at a football game, or in the Office, but for around the house or running errands the function isn't necessary and takes more battery power than the ring tone by itself.

    2. Most cell phones come with a few different backlight settings. Set yours to the shortest time until the backlight turns off and/or turn it off completely during the day.

    3. Turn off your phone. Although this is pretty self explanatory when you are not planning on using or answering your phone for a while turn it off rather than on silent or vibrate.

    4. Some phones have a power save function like computer monitors where after a certain amount of time the phone goes idle. Have yours turned on at all times.

    5. If your phone has blue tooth capability, make sure you have it disabled when it is not in use.

    6. Limit the use of the camera, video camera, and internet as much as possible when you know it could be some time until your battery gets its next charge.

    7. Keep calls short. This does seem pretty obvious but keeping calls short greatly increases your battery life.

    8. Lower your ring tone. Apart from saving your hearing, lowering the volume on your ring tone helps your battery last longer.
    9. Use non-animated screen savers. Animated screen savers use a great deal more energy than the regular non-animated.

    10. Finally the # 1 cell phone battery killer, signal searching. If you are in an area where you receive little or no signal your phone will constantly search for signal consistently draining your battery. If you have poor reception turn off your phone until you have better signal.

    Please feel free to share any tips you have.
  2. newbidder
  3. 123discount

    123discount Affiliate affiliate

    thank u

    well thank u very much for the information i have battery backup problem very much,I have tried your Ideas and it works :goodjobsign:
  4. reese

    reese Affiliate affiliate

    Someone suggested to completely empty the battery before charging. Don't know the rationale but I think it works for me.
  5. Lane_Gregson

    Lane_Gregson Affiliate affiliate

    Good information thanks! Yes I have heard that draining the battery fully helps and works for me too :longtongue:
  6. MackArbor

    MackArbor Affiliate affiliate

    Wonderful tips! I didn't know that poor signal can eat up your battery life. But, I understood the logic behind that point. Turning off your cell isn't advisable for people living in areas with hard to reach signals, so there's nothing they can do to deal this matter.
  7. thomasstanhope

    thomasstanhope Affiliate affiliate

    This rule will never apply specially if you have unlimited call subscriptions

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