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BEST FREE Niche Keyword Tool - See the video!

Linda Buquet

Hey affiliates, niche content creators, Adwords users and SEOs. How would you like to be able to immediately generate huge sortable keyword lists from any web page you're visiting - on the FLY! This is so cool! Basically, using this FREE script, you can immediately use the Google keyword tool to analyze any page that you're currently visiting to extract and generate thematically-related keywords, together with their prices in the Adwords system, sort a variety of meaningful ways, use a word cloud to do more KW research and output everything in a well formatted html table, which can be easily imported to any other application!

Marcin Lejman created this free script which is the perfect companion to the techniques presented in his "Profitable niches in under 10 minutes." I blogged about several of Marcin's tools and ideas here: <strong><a target="_new" href="">Niches to Riches - Hot FREE High Profit Niche Finding Tools</a></strong>, so now you have a free and easy way to automate the process. Happy niche building!

<strong>You just need to watch this <a target="_new" href="">Keyword Bookmarklet demo video</a> to see what it does. Trust me you will be glad you did and your mind will reel with all the possibilities! </strong>

After you watch the video go to <strong><a target="_new" href="">SEOproToolZ - Profitable niches & tools to exploit them</a></strong> and read his most popular posts in the right column to discover a bunch of ways to find and make money from good niches. Then go to <strong><a target="_new" href="">this post</a></strong> to read the overview and grab the free bookmarklet script. Can't believe he's giving this away for free. Get it while you can!
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