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Best Affiliate Program!

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Azcigs, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Azcigs

    Azcigs Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I’m the manager of AzCigs.com, one of the most trustful, tough and reliable site. We sell most popular cigarette brands from Ukraine at low prices. Registration is free and easy! Register, login and make your money.

    Our Program: Azcigs.com/affiliate.html

    We offer commission of 5% on all orders generated from you site. You also will get an advantage of 60 days cookie lifetime. To check your sales, traffic and account balance you may login 24 hours a day.

    We offer only real-time statistics and reporting. Your commission payments will be done on a consistent biweekly basis and will never be late.

    Our highly trained and professional Affiliate Managers will provide you all the needed support.
  2. terraleads
  3. pulseraiser

    pulseraiser Affiliate affiliate

    what is 60 days cookie lifetime ???
    What is the minimum payout??
    You should have mentioned everything in details
  4. Azcigs

    Azcigs Affiliate affiliate

    - 60 days cookie lifetime means that cookies are expired in 2 months
    - The minimum payout amount is $250.00

    Please let me know what other details you are interested in.
  5. Azcigs

    Azcigs Affiliate affiliate

  6. shbsnt

    shbsnt Affiliate affiliate

    nice program. lets see how it works.
  7. Travelloger

    Travelloger Affiliate affiliate

    Minimum payout of $250 seems a bit steep. Don't think you're going to get many small affiliates signing up for that one.
  8. ronan.seo

    ronan.seo Affiliate affiliate

    Is this affiliate program is on your website or is it on some network
  9. NPfulfilment

    NPfulfilment Affiliate affiliate

    Allowing 75% commission for all sales done, Clickbank is among the most popular and excellent affiliate marketing sites. The downside of Clickbank.com however, is that its only focus is on digital products. Let's take a look at how the Clickbank system works.
    You first apply for a Clickbank.com account, which is absolutely free. Then, you start looking for items to promote in the Clickbank Marketplace - these items, however, should be relevant to your site. After choosing the products, you can now start advertising those products on your website. Each time a person purchases a product from the promotion on your site, you get a commission.
    So basically, all it takes is some great sales talk and promotion, and you can start making money. By continuing to promote other products, your Clickbank account can practically become your job. All you need to remember is that Clickbank.com is just for digital products.
    CJ.com or Commission Junction is among one of the best affiliate programs around. This affiliate program website focuses more on professional services as well as physical products. Like Clickbank.com, opening account from this provider is free but you will need the approval of the merchants before you get to promote their products or services in your website. This website requires merchant approval because what usually sold are high end products.
    If you're thinking of affiliate marketing, but are still new, starting out with Clickbank.com before moving on to CJ.com is the best idea. When you start making waves in the affiliate world, or at least when you get yourself a legitimate looking website, you can step into the big waters where CJ.com is. Physical products as well as professional services are those being promoted by CJ.com
    With over 10million network partners, Linkshare.com is among the most popular affiliate program services out there. Merchants from these sites can get to choose to process their own payments. This means that you get commissions directly from the merchant.
    This can be quite risky, so you should choose clients that are legitimate and have credible background as well as credit history. Linkshare is the best program to choose if you don't want to go through all the affiliate website mumbo jumbo.
    The three companies are great for making money through the net - but they also differ in focus. So what should you choose? The answer simply relies on you and what your wants and needs. When you think about it, the three websites are great in their own different ways.
  10. Mars Guitars

    Mars Guitars Guest

    Make money by getting people addicted to a drug that will almost certainly cause them health problems, if not kill them? No thanks.

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