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Benifits of affiliates


Hello all i was just wondering what the benifits of affiliate sites are, how one would start and how difficult it is to promote such sites?.

Linda Buquet

Hi the9crow,

Welcome to 5 Star.

"Hello all i was just wondering what the benifits of affiliate sites are"

To you - potential income without having to buy inventory, stock or ship.

To the consumer - you could help them find products they want to buy more easily

To the merchant - you evangelize their brand, expand their reach and help increase sales.

"how one would start" that too big of a question. There are a million ways to start and the best thing is to read the stickie threads here in the newbie forum to get a feeling for what it takes.

"how difficult it is to promote such sites?" Depends largely on how competive the niche you pick is. Promoting an affiliate site is like any other. You can do natural SEO, PPC, banner ads or any variety of web marketing.

Hope this helps and gives you a starting point.


affiliate sites

If you have to ask it's possible that you don't fully get the principle. What sites like this try to do is create an awareness of particular programs AND develop community involvement the industry. Think about your goals. The end results is how do you recruit? Go to the source. 5 star and other sites like it are where affiliates congregate to talk about programs, what works and what doesn't, this is your key demographic and it may just be your key to success.