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Review Automation tool that superaffiliates using is available in newbidder

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Newbidder TRK, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Newbidder TRK

    Newbidder TRK Affiliate affiliate

    Newbidder TRK and Zeropark are now integrated into one all-up dashboard, allowing you to control your Zeropark campaigns directly from within Newbidder TRK.
    The following guide covers the required steps to integrate between Newbidder and Zeropark, followed by guidance of the scope of possibilities available once the integration is applied.
    Note: Integration is only possible for active Newbidder users who also have an active Zeropark account.

    Activating Zeropark integration in Newbidder
    The guidelines below detail how you can integrate your Zeropark account with your Newbidder account:

    Navigate to traffic source, load zeropark traffic source from template and fill in the token

    image.png1188x949 37.3 KB

    Once the integration between Newbidder and Zeropark is done, there will be visible changes to newbidder interface and you will be able to perform actions such as pausing / play campaigns, archiving / restoring campaigns and performing adjustments to your Zeropark campaign targeting all directly from Newbidder TRK.
    Below is an overview of the visible changes that Zeropark integration brings within Newbidder.

    image.png1813x311 31.8 KB

    1. Tag Zero means Zeropark campaign

    2. you can pause the campaign and resume the campaign by click play button


    3. click pause button, and click ok.

    4. Check the campaign status on Zeropark side(Newbidder campaign Campaign name match Zeropark campaign Name)

    image.png1061x166 10.4 KB

    image.png1760x682 59 KB

    SEGMENT VIEW (website id)

    We now only support the control of website id status on Newbidder TRK side.
    1. Drilldown campaign by the websiteid

    image.png1022x764 52.7 KB

    image.png1263x1033 64.9 KB

    1. choose one website id to pause, click ok.

    image.png963x995 49.4 KB

    image.png1300x1026 75.2 KB

    image.png1020x40 1.97 KB

    Check the website id status on Zeropark side, go to campaign targeting

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    The coming up traffic source API is Popcash, Mgid, Revcontent, Go2mobi, Exoclick, Popads, Trafficjunky..

    Our Newbidder Optimizer Executes Your Opt Mind Every Day!!!!

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    if you need specific traffic source API, send email to support@newbidder.com
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