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  1. Julia Postoplan

    Software for Affiliate managers

    In your opinion, what actions of an affiliate manager can be automated? We have developed a marketing and social media automation tool and we want to make it as useful as possible for affiliate managers. What actions do you perform every day, and which ones can be automated?
  2. TheOptimizer

    Automating Push Notifications Optimization

    Hey guys, hope you're doing well! As you may already know we currently have PropellerAds and Zeropark push notification ads integrated in TheOptimizer Mobile, but we're still getting a lot of questions if we can integrate other push notification sources in our platform. We'd love to get your...
  3. TheOptimizer

    [Case Study] $60k Profit on Taboola Running Casino App Installs

    Today we are going to share with you a recent profitable campaign we ran on Taboola including all it’s details. We often hear people say that these days it’s really hard finding a profitable campaign, it won’t last, natives are hard etc etc. As usual, most of these people never took the effort...
  4. Newbidder TRK

    Review Automation tool that superaffiliates using is available in newbidder

    Newbidder TRK and Zeropark are now integrated into one all-up dashboard, allowing you to control your Zeropark campaigns directly from within Newbidder TRK. The following guide covers the required steps to integrate between Newbidder and Zeropark, followed by guidance of the scope of...
  5. Newbidder TRK

    Affiliates Wanted Know newbidder trk looking affilaites to test our automate tool

    Dear All, Are you looking for Automagical Automation tool for superaffiliates ? That is an dream for each affiliates that can not outsource the automate tool development, lots of superaffiliates has money to outsource the automate tool , they use the tool make the system optimize for them...