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Artistic Education Landing Page

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by T J Tutor, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Artistic Education Landing Page.

    I'm planning to offer up a few landing pages and corresponding WP Themes and I would love it if you would try them out and give me your feedback on them. I'll try to get one or two a day up for you.

    This first one is a stock page and theme that has minor changes to it. It's an education style page. If you have some suggestions for pages, or specific pages you would like built, then post your thoughts here and I'll try to knock them out for you.

    While this first page and theme is marginally customized, my primary purpose with this LP and Theme is to get your input on the ease of customizing the content. The pages and the themes have been created with dummy content to preserve the content blocks. Below is a video demonstrating how easily it is to change the content and the internal links and images for the HTML version of this LP..

    Eduction Landing Page.

    This is an educational landing page you can easily customise.

    Live Preview

    View the live preview by clicking here.


    Download the HTML landing page by clicking here
    Download the WordPress landing page by clicking here

    How to Install

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