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Are you succeeding? Why or why not?


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What does success means to you in business?

I believe a successful businesses strategy is materialized out of a combination of hard work, luck and more importantly, seeing opportunity where others do not and making it happen. By achieving realistic goals, and seeing some profit, you will have a positive impact on both your own worth and also help other parties to the venture grow.

My goals are realistic, or so I believe based on my life's experiences. When I see charlatans pitching their programs, and in affiliate marketing;
offers and pay-outs
--I know most, if not all, the sales and marketing bullshit
--because I have participated in it most of the 40 years of my working life.

There is an old saying: You can't bullshit a well trained bullshitter.

As an affiliate, you are constantly promoting other people's products and services. If your CPA requires a sales conversion -- if you don't make any sales, you won't earn any commission. So in essence, you are being used as free branding advertising and are not compensated.

The lack of transparency can be frustrating. This often manifests itself in outright shaving or intentionally allowed slippage when a cookie is used for tracking or your lifetime revenue can be lost when a customer creates a new account. So even then, you might not get the full amount that you were expecting.

Rejection is part of selling anything. Sometimes you will market a product or a service, but rarely, or possibly never, is it bought creating a sales conversion event. Not every product or service is a good fit for everyone.

When a product, or an offer, doesn't sell or create a CPA conversion, that can mean several things;
  • Your ads are misleading and the product/offer cannot deliver what you have promised.
  • The ad traffic is mostly bots and fraud.
  • If you are an affiliate;
    • the program or the offer owner may be shaving, usually only some of the time, using a random algorithm
    • this is easy to do with a programmatic algorithm and very hard for you to detect.
So, if you are not succeeding, within normal parameters, you need to take some actions.

What do you do?


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** Procrastination **

>>>If you've resolved to quit procrastinating, it might help to know there's more to it than just delaying tasks. Therapist Anastasia Locklin describes chronic procrastination as "an inability to regulate negative or fearful emotions or feelings." Research shows that people tend to prioritize short-term mood over long-term goals and that they're more likely to put off tasks that don't have quick rewards. As Locklin says, "Your present self often values immediate gratification over the long-term goals."

Procrastination and perfectionism often go hand in hand. As some researchers have concluded, perfectionists "experience a chronic sense of falling short of their own personal standards," triggering their procrastination. Locklin says the mental narrative goes something like this: "I'll just wait until I'm in a setting or situation where I can be completely perfect at it." <<<

We all have a tendency to do this. When I get something 80% "right" often I will try it knowing I will change it to fit the marketing data I get from it. You are never going to get it perfect from the start ;)


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success is to set your realistic goal
then achieve it
for affiliate marketing
it's a amount and a date
what that gets you is a better lifestyle
a better car
better home
better vacations
my affiliate campaigns are simple
find peoples problems
then to solve them
as middleman
i get a %
everything else is trial & error
more i work more i earn
and so the key is discipline


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Well for me its in this way
I have period where i think the sky its mine and i will get great suces then the succes it stops and i get stuck ,after some black period then succes come again then i go down again and so on
I think its a subconstient limiting beliefs that stop me to succed
The thing its i will never give up no matter what