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antivirus follow along

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by DoubleDouble, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    So you may have all been reading another thread i posted about this particular offer, so for the benefit of all I will try and do some kind of follow along. ( I will make a more detailed one of my blog) so anyquestions feel free to let me know here and I will do what I can to answer

    Basically I sunk in about $70 into the offer before i saw some potential.

    I cut a bunch of placements and finally the last days has been profitable.

    the main problem that I have found is when it comes to scaling.

    i have a pretty low CPM ±$1 and the offer is converting at about ±20-30 conversions a day. which my AM says is ok, the top affs are converting at around 1500 per day, but I am no where near that capability just yet.

    my spend is approx $10 per day and it has been running on approx 200% ROI the last 3 days.

    If i increase the CPM i just get more traffic but not necessarily more conversions. Is this normal? I want to increase the spend but from what i have tested it just isnt worth it. any recommendations?
  2. terraleads
  3. Sanek

    Sanek Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, nice CPM cost. I am now testing Antivirus Pin Submits for Vietnam, but my CR is close to 0. I am using PopAds adult traffic. What traffic source do you use and what kind of traffic? Thanx :)
  4. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    hi Sanek, yes they are doing pretty good. i did run the same offer with both popads and popcash.
    Popads , i find did convert a little bit but not really, people do say that it is an ok traffic source however from my experience it was pretty slow, popcash was ok as well but the minimum CPM is pretty high for this kind of traffic, so you have to optimize super fast.

    you can try the like of proppelorads, dntz, zeropark etc...
  5. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    going a bit more into the campaign, it ran out of budget on the weekend, i did top up, but when i restarted to CTRs fropped 50% and traffic volume did not appear to be there, so I guess that the campaign had fizzled out. (unless there are other suggestions) ?
  6. Denis Marinho

    Denis Marinho Affiliate affiliate

    Following here!

    I'm newbie in mobile marketing :)

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