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Another Montrealler


Hi, im Louis from Montreal, im thinking to start in this business, so I read all I can on quality forums like this one.

Im thinking to buy SBI, and im looking for good idears.

Any montrealler or site member here with proven success can contact me to give me some advices anytime, I take em all :)

This community seems great and friendly, I like that !


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Welcome to 5 Star, Cosmos.

We are getting a lot of members from Canada. Good to add you to the list.

You are right about this being a friendly community. It is also a very helpful community.

You already have a thread started with your SBI question and that forum is the best place for such questions since this forum is for people to introduce themselves and for others to welcome them.

Here is a link to your SBI question thread, which has some replies http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...e-forum/5989-what-do-you-folks-think-sbi.html

Linda Buquet

Hi Cosmos,

Welcome to 5 Star. We do have lots of Canadians and many that are in Montreal. We are also big SBI fans here and the SBI affiliate manager and ex affiliate manager check in from time to time. Lisa the ex and a FANATIC user can give you some great info. She should be by soon.


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Welcome Cosmos,

You'll find a lot of fellow Montrealers here at 5Star :)

There is definitely a ton of of useful information to be found here, happy reading!