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Seeking Help Amazon refferal link automation tool


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I'm looking for a tool that can help me to avoid the hassle of having to ad a refferal link every time I ad a product. I guess my request is not very descriptive. let's try again.

So, my name is Daniel Tucan, i'm a wannabe entrepreneur that plans to test the idea of a gift finding service that uses AI, the main monetization would be through affiliate link, but from my research I've discovered that for example, with Amazon, I need to add manually a refferal link every time I have a gift suggestions, which is unsustainable. Do you know any tool that can help?


The right `tool` would parse the Amazon Products feed would;
  • Create a database
  • search the database of the `item` you want
  • then get the image and the link, manipulate the link to include your referral id.

This part is not AI it is just simple programming.

AI might be used to select the item possibilities listed by the users input to the AI, like:
"I need an Anniversary present for my wife it needs to be under $500. She likes to (list interests) she is $X years old etc...."

Formatting a referral link is simple programming when you have the basic link to start with --finding the right link to the product would be the more difficult part.
The AI part is the `hard` part --if you have enough money to spend this can be done. You need to find a developer to create a custom chat bot and pay for the time the chat bot uses.
Welcome to AffiliateFix, Daniel!

Do you know any tool that can help?
No but I know who has one. HubPages. There, you can do a word search (in the tool) and Amazon shows a list of products. Click the one you want and it adds it to the article, along with your link to that product. At least, that's how it worked last time I used it.

If you can figure out what they use.....

I haven't looked at my Amazon affiliate account for years, no longer use it, but have you checked to see if they have a tool that accomplishes the same thing?
Most text editors (ANSI only --don't use a binary like wordpad) will allow you to search and replace (or add a character value).
You can alter a list of inks that way.
A better way is to use sed in a terminal (if you know how).
Hi everyone, my name is David and Im also an enthusiastic affiliate.

This topic is very interesting for me and I find this forum searching about this.

I share the idea I have:

I am developing a web application, which displays different results and content depending on the users input data. The answers to the queries are given through the chatgpt API.

I would like to know how insert or if exist a plugin or anyway to insert Amazon Affiliate products according to the results or response of this AI tool according to the parameters entered by the user.

For example:
  • If a user asks for the best running shoe or brands, the result will be: NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA; display this type of running shoe or brands.
  • On the other hand, if another user asks: best shoes for a tux formal, display this type of running shoe or brands.

I will greatly appreciate your comments, solutions, ideas and contributions.


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Welcome, Daniel! I'm using automation feature in a software called adspower for fb ads acc creating, not quite sure if it will work well for your situation tho. still hope it helps!