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AMAZING FREE Video Training - Affiliate Summit Videos are Now Free

Linda Buquet

Want to <strong>Save $1,449</strong> and <strong>learn super affiliate tactics</strong> or <strong>super merchant tactics</strong> or <strong>super affiliate manager</strong> tactics FOR <strong>FREE</strong> TODAY??? Well now you can! No money, just an investment in time that could sky rocket your business to the next level!

<strong>The Affiliate Summit session videos from the last event are <a target="_new" href="">now available online for free</a>.</strong> If you could not make the Summit or even if you did, you could not attend every session. To be able to watch all these sessions lead by super smart industry experts LIVE could cost you $1,449. You can sit in and learn via video at no charge. This is HUGE folks and you really need to take advantage!

I just logged in and the 1st video on my list that I've been dying to see, is Amit Mehta from SuperAffiliateMindset talking about "<strong><a target="_new" href="">Secrets of a PPC Super Affiliate</a></strong>". (You must register and get a password to access the videos.) This video is an absolute <strong>must-watch</strong> for any affiliate that's even considering doing PPC. Amit gives some no-holds-barred insights and tips that will be invaluable to your success. He makes around 90K a month in his affiliate business primarily doing PPC, so he's the man to listen to!

(HEY AMIT -THANKS for mentioning me and the 5 Star forum
near the beginning of your Summit presentation!)

Amit freely shares in-depth Super affiliate tips on his blog too. The following post goes into detail about one important part of his Summit presentation <strong><a href="">Keyword Research Secrets to Explode Your Affiliate Business</a></strong>. So after you watch the video, read the blog post and you will tap into some info that has amazing earning power.

Tim over at eMonitized is a big Amit fan too. He just blogged about Amit today. <strong><a target="_new" href="">In the Spotlight: Amit Mehta of Super Affiliate Mindset</a></strong> "If there ever is a bloggies award for the most inspirational affiliate marketing blog, I’d have to vote Super Affiliate Mindset as the winner." I agree Tim!

So head over and watch the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Educational Session Videos</a></strong> right now. The secret to success in any business is to continually learn and grow. This is one of THE BEST ways to accelerate your online career at no out of pocket cost! Do it now!

Here is a list of all the conference sessions that are available on video: <!--more-->
<strong> Over the Pond - UK Affiliate Marketing
What You Don’t Know May Hurt You
What SUPER Affiliates Want
Contextual Advertising Options: Clicks Equal Cash
SEO Site Critiques
Addressing Publishers' Needs: What Works, What's Worthless
Web 2.0 - The Ten Critical Affiliate Strategies
Long Tail Meets Retail in the Blogosphere
Desirable Demographics in the Affiliate Channel
Viral Marketing, the Plague
Secrets of a PPC Super Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing and Democratizing Platforms
Monetizing Communities
Leverage Web Analytics to Track Affiliate Programs
Conversion Rate Clinic: Persuasion Techniques that Work
The Long Tail of Affiliate Marketing
The Confluence of Search and Affiliate Marketing
Managing Internal Channel Rivalry: SEO, PPC, CPA
Beyond Traditional Affiliate Creatives
The Power Of Small Changes Tested </strong>

AS YOU GUYS WATCH OTHER VIDEOS, please share below
the name of the video and what you got out of it.

Linda Buquet

<strong>NOTE: The 1,449 fee for going to Summit LIVE is worth every penny.</strong>
Didn't mean at all to say you can just watch these videos and get the full value of being there. You can't!

PLUS if you register early <strong><a target="_new" href="">Summit West Vegas</a> is only $949!</strong>)


Great resource, esp for new affiliate marketers.

I'd strongly recommend
1) Wil Reynold's SEO Critiques
2) the Super Aff Session with Vinny, Ros Gardner, Jeremy Palmer
3) Kris Jones PPC Arb session
4) Amit Mehta's PPC Super Aff

I look forward to checking out Sam Harrelson's one too and the Jay Berkowitz..

PS: Shawn is taking speaker proposals for ASW08. Perhaps we'll have Linda give a presentation?
darn, so many sessions, so little time!


Excellent information. Thanks Linda for posting such wonderful trove of treasures! and don't forget to download some of those presentations as well.

By the way, if you don't have the time to sit in front of your computer for 1+ hour video feeds, you may want to buy a software like applian's replay av8 (around 50 bucks) which allows you to capture and store video feeds for later viewing. I have been using it for the last 3 weeks and although some user interface features are quirky, you can capture .wmv as well as .flv (most youtube videos are in a flash movie format).

Again, thanks so much for the info, and hopefully I will be able to attend the next one in person!


Linda Buquet

I'm not sure Amit. The only thing I've seen is a video simulation Shawn did, wearing a wig, pretending to me Missy and re-enacting their presentation about Affiliate marketing in general.

It's pretty funny to see him don the wig, but good info.
I embedded the video on my blog, here it is.
<a href="">Affiliate Marketing in the USA - Shawn in Drag, Doubles as Missy</a>

harley athison

New Member

thanks linda for kind information about ppc and software.If i want to buy a software from where i"ll get the software.and if i want to download the software then tell me the url of where i get the software.



Linda Buquet

Hi harley,

Welcome to 5 Star. What PPC software, there are different types for different things. Wait in regard to anything discussed in the Summit videos? If not then, I'll move your question to it's own thread. Need to know more about what you want PPC software to do for you and then I can give you some resources.


For all the time I've spent at the Affiliate Summit site, I never realized the videos were up. I guess I just assumed the video link would take me to more of the silly videos with people talking about Affiliate Summit, the mentor program, etc. Now I have quite the playlist to work through. Thanks!


I just logged in and the 1st video on my list that I've been dying to see, is Amit Mehta from SuperAffiliateMindset talking about "Secrets of a PPC Super Affiliate".

I just registered an account so I could watch some of the videos and I wanted to start with the one you recommended but I couldn't find it. Can you point me in the direction of which one of these conferences it's listed in?

* Affiliate Summit 2008 East
August 10-12, 2008
Boston, MA

* Affiliate Summit 2008 West
February 24-26, 2008
Las Vegas, NV

* Affiliate Summit 2007 East
July 8-10, 2007
Miami, FL

* Affiliate Summit 2007 West
January 21-23, 2007
Las Vegas, NV

* Affiliate Summit 2006 East
July 9-11, 2006
Orlando, FL


Thanks! I appreciate the quick reply. :)

I'm watching this one right now:
My 5 Favorite SEO Strategies Exposed

**edited to add**
I love these videos because for someone like myself, who needs to stop and take a few minutes every now and then to absorb this information, this is a great tool. Thanks again.

James Martell

<b>5 Star Member - Pro Affiliate</b>
I would think the videos for Affiliate Summit West 2009 will be online shortly. I would imagine they will be offering them free again, but not sure.

I had a chance to sit through a number of the sessions. When the videos come available, I would recommend Jay Berkowitz's from session on the top Internet Marketing Strategies. It was absolutely loaded with great tips for promoting your business and website. I would guess you will need to pause the video a hundred times because he cover so much.

Another great session was moderated by Todd Crawford who talked on the topic of fraud. It's not usually a session I would be interested because the topic is generally for merchants, however it was a very interesting session for affiliates as well.

The next Affiliate Summit is being held in New York in August. I plan to attend with my wife Arlene and spend a few extra days taking in the sights and sounds of New York City including the double deck bus tour. It's a blast.

James :)

Affiliate Guru92

Awesome, My friend tried to get me to go to affiliate summit in Vancouver but my wife wanted me home for been away on the road so long. So as a good man that I am I obliged. My name is Gene by the way.


Hey cool,

Thanks for that good information.

It would be so awesome to be able to check out a bunch of cool affiliate marketing videos to take my online marketing to the next level.