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Affiliate Manager
Alfaleads — Performance Marketing Agency
Get a high profit with - the leading partner network in the verticals of gambling, betting, sweepstakes and adult sites. Thanks to the huge choice of offers and ongoing support, each partner gets an increased profit and is being scaled in the CPA-direction.


Offers and verticals works with all popular verticals: gambling, adult sites, sweepstakes, mobile, betting and many others. You can leave a request to a personal manager in order to get access to the most profitable offers with any GEO.


What is waiting for you at


We succeed only with you earns only with partners: we are interested in your benefit, because if you do not earn we also earn nothing. Therefore is a CPA-network which always supports its partners and provides the most comfortable working conditions.

We help to integrate TDS, any services and tools. Moreover, we are ready to develop and give you your individual banners, pre-landing pages and any creatives at your request and adapt to the desired GEO.

The task of any employee of is to help you to become successful. We always support our partners at every stage of the work.


To start working with, take 5 easy steps:

1. Register here: LINK
2. Choose an offer.
3. Send the traffic.
4. Get payments and gifts from us.
5. Profit !!!

You can receive even more profit with - become a trusted partner! You just need to send traffic to 2 or more offers, get payouts and profit and work with us for more than 1 month. That's all.

When you become a trusted partner, you will get access to private, exclusive offers, higher rates, individual conditions, advances, bonuses and much more.



Skype - live:ad_mercury_1
E-mail -
Facebook - - Affiliate marketing
Website -
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Are you ready for real success? Get profit from - and get your own villa in Bali!

Villa in Bali is the guaranteed grand prize, which will be raffled off in the final of the action among the top 20 participants of the "Beautiful Life" action by


Anyone can take part: all you need is to register in Alfaleads and start sending traffic to any offer. Together with the conversion payments, you will receive special prize bonuses. Collect maximum bonuses to take part in the villa drawing in the summer of 2019 - and spend bonuses in the prize store.​

Additionally to the opportunity to win the villa, you will get luxurious prizes: starting from the round-the-world trip and the newest Lamborghini Ursus to the top gadgets of various brands and household equipment.


Turn your profit into a beautiful life with!

Alfaleads Beautiful Life Website - link
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the update Alfaleads thread!

Nice to see you in the Alfaleads thread! We are an international Performance Marketing Agency that works with iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Games, Apps and other verticals. We are happy to work together with experts on performance marketing, and hope you’ll feel comfortable with us. Alfaleads will help your traffic grow, no matter if you’re an advertiser or work in traffic monetization.

We know what’s most important for clients working with any agency or network. First and foremost, they need a dependable partner. We have been working in affiliate marketing for more than 4 years, and now Alfaleads is a whole family of companies with various departments. Among others, we have our own dedicated media buying team, development teams, special projects. They help us diversify our business and make for a well-balanced company.

We are always looking after our partner’s interests. We’ll help our affiliates monetize any traffic that’s been approved by advertisers, give them legal counsel and, of course, well be the supportive friends they need. Advertisers can look forward to high quality traffic, as well as a holistic marketing strategy.


What Alfaleads can offer the affiliates:
  • Consistently high payouts
  • Payouts using any payment methods
  • Prepayments for trusted partners
  • No payment holds for high volume affiliates
  • Exclusive offers, premium deductions
  • Easy-to-use statistics and analytics
  • Strong tech support
  • Simple integration with trackers and analytical systems
  • PWA store
  • Apps development
  • Private parties for trusted affiliates
and of course there’s our Beautiful Life promo, where you get bonus points and redeem them for any prize from our bonus shop!


For each conversion, we give you extra payments in the form of points, which you can then redeem for any prize from the bonus store or for whatever you want! Our store is full of prizes, the most popular are AirPods, latest iPhones and MacBooks. You can also choose watches, accessories, subscriptions to services for affiliates, and much more. Welcome to our bonus store!

How to join the promo:
1. Drive traffic to Alfaleads!
2. Get paid for conversions.
3. Get a bonus payment.
4. Spend it on whatever you want.

For example, to get an iPhone, you need to make only 7 deposits a day for a month using the ID 1865 offer. Hit the top 20 affiliates by the end of the promo and get a chance to win the grand prize!


Mary Minkevich, Senior Affiliate Manager
Mary will be happy to guide you through our platform and recommend the most profitable offers in different verticals. Mary is focusing on relationship building to create new business opportunities with our international partners.
Skype: live:m.minkevich
Telegram: @marjushka

Maria Semenova, Senior Business Development Manager
If you’re an advertiser, Maria is the one you need. She will tell you about all available marketing options and manage integrating your product into our system.
Skype: live:m.semenova_9

Alisa Litvinko, Senior Business Development Manager
Alisa knows everything about Dating and iGaming. She is glad to share her experience with our partners. If you’re interested in holistic brand promotion, just drop her a message on Skype!
Skype: live:a.litvinko_3

Roman Manuylov, CMO
Would you like to make a collab with Alfaleads? Don’t hesitate to contact Roman. He will help you develop cross promotions, online and offline events or any other forms of collaboration.
Skype: uhovert1
Telegram: @uhovert

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask these guys, or post your questions right here in this thread.


We have accumulated a wealth of experience and are always happy to share our expertise with our partners. Quite soon we’ll post tons of useful info to this thread.

We’ve made an extensive video on working white hat in iGaming, where we cover tracker configuration, working with accounts and the virtual machine, and using apps, among other topics. We hope it will be a great guide for many forum users and give you a boost needed to enter the iGaming vertical.

Keep an eye on this thread, so that you don’t miss any updates!

We are always happy to welcome new partners and friends!
We have one more super cool update, which is Leovegas for Japan! :p

A few words about the product: it’s fully localized, there are many payment systems which are popular in GEO as well as attractive features for players, for example, VIP support, welcome bonuses, regular promos and so much more. By the way, check out our payout!

Payout: 160 EUR
Target action: mindep
Audience: male and female 25+
More info at


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Looking for an iGaming app with strong native part, high-quality graphics rendering and fast operation?

Welcome to Alfaleads! We provide our affiliates with Android and iOS apps (Fb, UAC) for free.

So what's inside our apps?

⭐⭐⭐️ Well thought out design
Our apps offer users a really fluid experience. The fact is that: right slots, screen rotation and other small things greatly affect the overall impression.

⭐⭐⭐️ Stunning CR
Thanks to the careful development process and attractive design our apps show really great convertion rates. BTW you can continue communicating with the user by sending them push notifications and regularly motivating them to make new deposits.

⭐⭐⭐️ Long living apps
Some of our iOS applications live for more than 6 (six) months! But if something happens to the app, we promptly change it so that affiliates could transfer their traffic and continue to earn money.

To start working with the apps just write to your affiliate manager. If you didn't work with us earlier don't forget to attach your stats!

We are closing registration at Alfaleads!

Thousands of affiliates open accounts in our system every month. Due to high flow we decided to close the registration of new affiliates at Alfaleads.

This decision leads to many changes for our partners:
️ we are disbanding the support team. In its place Customer Care team comes. The goal of this team is to help affiliates with development and financial growth
️ our goal is to help our partners move from middle to top status faster
️ we also did launch several R&D (Research & Development) teams that are searching for profitable cases for our partners. We believe that a closed community will allow the information to remain relevant for longer, and we will be able to share the latest knowledge in the sphere
️ we will be confident in each of our partners and the quality of the traffic they provide, which means that we will be able to provide you with the best conditions.

You can always become a part of Alfaleads: when you get experience in other affiliate programs, we will provide you with opportunities for growth and conditions that you will not find anywhere else. If you want to join us now, send us an example of the volumes that you can give, and we will register you as soon as possible.

Thank you for staying with us!

SiGMA and Alfaleads strategic partnership


Alfaleads is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with SiGMA — worldwide Gaming conference and opinion leader. This collaboration will combine SiGMA and Alfaleads expertise in the iGaming sphere to provide affiliates and partners with up to edge information and knowledge and nice bonuses.

SiGMA, the leading Gaming event welcomes an elite selection of delegates, policy makers and thought leaders from across the globe. Such international support and interest has helped propel SiGMA into becoming the World’s Gaming Festival. Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has nurtured the development of a strong brand, allowing for its evolution into a global influencer on the Gaming world stage. SiGMA events take place all over the globe: Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

Alfaleads is an international Performance Marketing Agency that works with iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Games, Finance, Apps and other verticals. We have been working in affiliate marketing for more than 4 years, and now Alfaleads is a whole family of companies with various departments. Among others, we have our own dedicated media buying team, development team, special projects. They help us diversify our business and make for a well-balanced company. Over the years Alfaleads has earned the trust of its partners and the status of a powerful player in the market.

This partnership is an important milestone for both companies' growth strategy. Alfaleads channels will feature exclusive materials from world opinion leaders and SiGMA experts, special bonuses for partners, and much more. If you want to be the first to know the news and get privileges from Alfaleads and SiGMA, stay tuned in this thread.

SiGMA and Alfaleads believe that further collaboration is going to make changes for the whole iGaming sphere.
We have discovered a loophole in Facebook: PWA 2.0

It has been a while since our Research & Development team started looking for a solution that would help stabilize the workflow on Facebook (and some other sources).

App bans, faulty deep links, botched app builds, distorted distribution and swarms of fraudsters reselling the apps — are few of the pains any affiliate knows only too well. We really wanted to find something new that will allow us to do without the apps. And we see two solutions:

  • to drive traffic directly to the landing page at the expense of the quality onboarding,

  • to find an alternative to apps at last.
Spoiler: we have opted for the second one and found a loophole in the Facebook mechanisms. Now we are ready to present you with a case-guide for using PWA with event optimization.


A friendly warning: you will not find 300 ROI in the cases below :) But earning money wasn't our goal this time. We needed to test out the technology/solution and demonstrate it to you. And we did it!

And now let's dive into the PWA, event optimization, and what we have discovered.

Step 1: hypothesis
So, we assumed that PWA can be used as an alternative to Webview applications. Alfaleads has already had a lot of work done in this direction — we have our own construction tool. Moreover, our PWA can send push notifications to users.

Step 2: development

However, something was missing — we still couldn't set up event optimization in FB. And now can proudly announce that we have finally managed to implement the event postback and we can work with event optimization.

This is how it works: there is a landing page that redirects users to PWA. This landing page has pixel tracking and powerful cloaking that filters out bot traffic. From the landing page, user goes to the "store" PWA page, which looks just like the well-known Google App store. The user downloads the PWA which has a Webview with the offer inside. Then he registers and makes a deposit. These events are posted back to our tracking platform, and we send them to Facebook from there.

Facebook has a learning mechanism that is trained to find the audience that performs target actions more often. For example, optimization for registration will increase the number of registrations and the CTR. As a result, the number of deposits should rise as well.

Now we only have to prove that the approach works in real life.

Step 3: practical application
In our experiment we took a Russian casino offer and compared the traffic flow in two cases: a) when driving directly to the offer page (with a pre-landing page); b) when driving to a Google Play replica page with a link to PWA.

Why don't we compare well-known Webview apps and PWA? It is no secret that a Webview app has a lifespan of 3–5 days on average (or none at all). Traffic loss is huge, accounts get banned, etc. For this reason, we turn to alternative schemes.

At the same time, we are studying performance of this approach for a different GEO — Australia. As soon as we have enough data, we will make a case demonstration for you.

Driving traffic directly to the landing page
We have implemented optimization for deposits and registrations on our landing and pre-landing pages. We tested out two options: using our own pre-landing page or choosing one from the advertiser database. Technical issues grew in number dramatically when we used our pre-landers and domain: the clickID was getting lost, the layout of pages was distorted, some devices displayed the pages incorrectly. Multitudes of variables undermine stability. Thus, it was necessary to monitor the process at all times. Therefore, it is much easier to use landing pages provided by the advertiser.

Launch algorithm:

  1. Activate the offer

  2. Set up postback

  3. Generate the link

  4. Create campaign in the tracker

  5. Integrate the tracker with Black Page

  6. Set up cloaking

  7. Test the technical aspects

  8. Post the link to incorporate the Facebook pixel ID in it

  9. Create a campaign on Facebook with "Conversions" objective + "Complete Registration"

Optimization for deposits did not work well, as the Facebook pixel does not have enough events with only one account. But optimization for registration went successfully: with the decrease in spending the number of registrations remained stable.


Our working statistics

Driving traffic to PWA

For our PWA experiment, we implemented only optimization for registration. We noticed that with PWA there were more deposits and the completion rate was higher. Considering the possibility of sending push notifications we get the maximum effect!


Our PWA apps for RU and AU geos

Launch algorithm:

  1. Activate the offer

  2. Set up postback

  3. Create a campaign in the tracker separating unique/non-unique users

  4. Post the link to Google Play to incorporate the Facebook pixel ID in it

  5. Create a campaign on Facebook with "Conversions" objective + "Complete Registration"

The results were more impressive than on average for classic Webview applications. For comparison, here is the average data for the applications: inst2reg = 1:10, reg2dep = 1:8.5. However, here you need to consider the installation price — in case of PWA it may be higher than with usual applications!


Our working statistics

And here is more statistics on completion rates, which are crucial especially if you work with a high-payout GEO.


Our working statistics


To confirm that the solution is also viable for large volumes of traffic, we attach statistics from our Alfamedia media buying agency.


Alfamedia statistics


Based on the results of our experiment, we came to the following set of conclusions:
  • Apps are not the only working thing out there.

  • Implementing event postback into PWAs grants a sort of a loophole enabling us to use this tech most efficiently.

  • Optimization for deposits in our conditions did not provide any advantages: in the iGaming vertical (frequent bans, ad rejection, etc.), Facebook pixel does not have enough events on one account, while sharing the pixel within several Business Managers leads to an immediate ban. During the test, optimization for registration worked well both with PWA and with landing pages.

  • Setting up landing pages is a long and complicated process. In contrast, campaign launch with PWA is rather easy and even enjoyable — just compare the algorithm in both cases.
Alfaleads provides affiliates with:

  • Free access to the PWA-construction tool

  • Adaptable landing page that will be adjusted to the affiliate's approach

  • Tips on creatives for PWA design

  • Set up assistance: affiliate manager will simply issue a link for you, so you don't need to dive into the guides and browse through tech issues


To repeat (and, of course, improve!) our case and start working with PWA, contact your affiliate manager — he will give you access to the construction tool and supply you with everything you need to start the journey. We provide a ready-made solution for PWA campaigns — you just need to choose the right offer!

Want to learn more about PWA? Find more information here!
Progressive web apps are definitely a step in the right directions. They've been around a couple years now and have seen a strong encouragement for use in the industry.

Everyone into the app thing needs to take notice.

Great info Alfaleads!

Progressive web apps are definitely a step in the right directions. They've been around a couple years now and have seen a strong encouragement for use in the industry.

Everyone into the app thing needs to take notice.

Great info Alfaleads!


Thank you for your appreciation! This is important to us! We are trying to explore and test more new approaches for the benefit of webmasters and partners!