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Affliates and Google - Some good questions

Linda Buquet

Are Affiliates Entitled to Strong Search Rankings?
From Jeff Molander at ReveNews

"It's interesting that Web affiliates often feel a sense of entitlement when building Web pages.

Google's search tool hasn't, in my opinion, existed to index Web pages that are commercial in nature. In the early days, it indexed everything. Soon it fragmented itself (Froogle, AdWords/AdSense, Google Scholar, etc.) in an effort to "break apart" commercial and non-commercial information."
Go read the rest. I hate to say it, but I see some logic here.

Come back and discuss it. What do you think???


There is alogic in it, and when doing seo, promoting affiliate programs, there needs to be some sort of balance. A site should never be 1005 self serving only when you expect something for free. It's very sad to see the amounts of blog spammers these days who feel like everyone needs to see their useless built for adsense blogs.