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Affiliate Relationships Article


I read a great article over on CORANTE a while back by Liz Gazer concerning affiliate relationships. I think Liz hit the nail on the head as he states:
In the high-speed, virtual business world of Affiliate Marketing, it?s easy to forget that there are live bodies and real people behind the merchant names, behind the online message board posts, and behind the network account IDs.
I could not agree with Liz more. My Top Affiliate Trusted Partners are people I correspond with on a daily basis, not just an account I log into to check my stats. Building good relationships with merchants and customers you do business with is imperative for any business, and affiliate marketing is no different.

You can read the rest of this article HERE.
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Linda Buquet

Yes Stephen, I couldn't agree with you more!

That blog by Liz Gazer, Affiliate Manager for went on to talk about the wonderful benefits we all realized by meeting face to face and interacting in person at the Affiliate Ssummit.

However what you said did bring home for me the fact that if we let it, this business can be very impersonal and isolating. If we live behind screen names, check stats, IM and email ONLY! There is nothing that can replace personal relationships and verbal communication.

I am working on a couple of new projects that will help bring some key people together in more meanful ways. More info soon. :)