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Affiliate Party Video - Meet Chris Sanderson, Linda Woods, Ian Lee

Linda Buquet

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting <a target="_new" href="">Ian Lee</a>, Chris Sanderson or Linda Woods in person, you are in for a treat. Ian just posted a nice long video that covers the opening remarks at the 3rd Annual Affiliate Marketers' Alliance Networking Dinner. If you ever worked with these people, then you will get a kick out of seeing the video. I was at the event last year - so watching the video for me was ALMOST as good as being there. <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Marketers Alliance Opening Remarks Video and Event Pictures. </a>

About 80 people showed up including some of the networks. Brian from Shareasale was there as well as Wade from Kowabunga.

I know many of the people in the pics. OK so what I really want to know is this...
<strong>Who is the HOT guy with the longish kinda curly dark hair in the 7th picture down???
He reminds me of that HOTTIE Ace on American Idol!</strong> ;-)

Doesn't he??? Hey Ian who is that guy??? :p


Hi Linda,

Thanks for the shout out. It definitely was a fantastic turn out. We doubled our attendees from last year's event! Also glad you enjoyed the video.

Yes, that is Ace from American Idol.. just kidding. That is actually Steve from Seafair Computer Consulting. I will let him know he is a star! :p

Thanks again for the note!