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Affiliate Managers: A Source Of Benefits !!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Samrath Gupta, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    Hello CPAFixer's,

    So most of you are in CPA industry or many are atleast planning to get IN right? Great !

    So, here's a piece of information which you will really like

    Always maintain a healthy and good relationship with your Affiliate Manager.. You might be now thinking like why should I or Is it necessary to do so? Or many things might be buzzing your mind right?

    Well, If you don't know then I would like to tell you that your Affiliate Manager is the person you totally rely on and he is the person with many benefits for you like-

    - Exclusive Payout's : Sounds good huh? Yes, If you are getting paid $0.50 for an offer and if you have a good relationship with your AM and he knows you then you know what? He can increase those rates "EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU"

    - Special Bonuses : YEAH !! If you are good at their network with nice relationship with your AM then your manager can provide you with SPECIAL BONUSES like- Extra cash for nice performance, exclusive deals just for you,etc

    - Payment Stuffs : Haven't yet received the payment huh? Well, you can get paid 2-3 days before too if your AM know's you and trusts you !
    Sometimes payments aren't in your AM's hands but he can sort it out by talking to CEO or Payment guys !

    +LOTS OF BENEFITS ! Yeah there could be many more benefits which you might have not imagined !

    You might be thinking that Now how do i build a good relation with my AM? Right?

    - Thank Them : Well, It isn't a hard nut to crack Just be in their eye's by making good performance and Possibly thank them everytime you get paid..... Thanking them will give them a special attention that you are a nice guy who atleast respect's their work and someday they will definately talk with you !

    - Consult your traffic strategies : with your AM and let them know your idea's about promotion and take their thoughts on it ! Sometimes they can save you from breaking T&C's a well as sometimes from wrong campaigns(for PPC,PPV,etc)

    There could be many ways ! I just gave you the OUTLINE of the things, Now you have to make a story with it.

    PS: To make a relationship with your AM, Dont start wishing them " Good Morning " when you open your PC in daytime and wish them " GOOD NIGHT " when you leave your PC lol

    I hope it helped

  2. Golden Goose