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Yes we currently have a platform setup to manage current affiliates and have launched an affiliate program but we need to learn where affiliates hang out to create exposure for our affiliate program.

Where did you start? Do you currently have your own affiliate program?

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we need to learn where affiliates hang out

Affiliates are everywhere. Every platform and every industry forum.

The way you are asking the question implies you have not recruited affiliates in the past. This is simple prospecting. You will not find affiliates all in one place. They are spread out over the vast areas of our industry. Some are great at promoting brand offers, some are great at promoting affiliate coaching programs, others are great at promoting affiliate tools, etc. You have to define your ideal target demographics before you can deploy any mechanisms targeting affiliates. Identify your ideal affiliate and then you can start building relationships with them.

Forums like ours are great for prospecting affiliates, but we are not the only places. If your product is a great addition to a specific type company like a traffic source, then it would be smart to discuss opportunities for a traffic source to promote your product or company to their current list.

A friend of ours did a product launch of an affiliate and marketing tool a few months back and did over $15MM in the first six months of the launch. All affiliate sales. All through JV relationships with other companies in our business space.

Do you currently have your own affiliate program?

We do, not active at present. We are launching our upgrades this month and after we complete this we will begin a new affiliate program.