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Looking For Adwords cloaking guide

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Netpain, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Netpain

    Netpain Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there! Any fresh info about adwords cloaking? PM me plz (rdy to pay for active methods)
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. bevosteve

    bevosteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello there,

    I would suggest not going that route with any network. This will not get you anywhere fast and very much short term way going about running any successful campaign.

    The best way to go about this, is to find a traffic source that allows your campaign type and then look at ways to modify your offer so that you comply with networks TOS like Adwords. This way you can look at a long term journey to success.

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