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AdsEmpire - AdsEmpire - WW CPA Network with Direct and Advanced Smartlink offers


Hey fellow affiliates!

We are happy to introduce AdsEmpire, your new and reliable Performance Marketing partner.

Our CPA Network has everything you need:
- Exclusive and Direct offers

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We are sponsoring the Affiliate Grand Slam that will take place in Dubai on May 25-26!
On the first day of the conference, there will be another meeting for partners and friends - the Affiliate Boat Meetup, sponsored by AdsEmpire. A luxurious all-inclusive yacht party awaits you.

If you want to join us and get tickets for these events please contact your manager.

To book a meeting with us at the AGS, follow the link

See you in Dubai!

We are sponsoring Clickbid Tulum and you're going with us!

This summer AdsEmpire team are sponsoring the hottest affiliate marketing event that will take place from June16 to June 18.

Just imagine: sunny Mexico, networking, tekilla, parties and offline meeting with top professionals, finally!

We can't wait to see our partners and friends, that is why we decided to give away ticket to the Clickbid Tulum Conference and host in all inclusive.

What do you need to do?

1. Fill this form - We are sponsoring ClickBid Tulum and you're going with us!
2. To subscribe to our socials (no cheating, we will check):

3. To be an active Affiliate partner and receive at least one payout.

The winner will be randomly chosen on June 6 from the list of emails, that's fills the form (we certainly will check all conditions).

If you have any question about ticket give away - ping your manager or Marina via skype Marina|AdsEmpire / or Telegram Marina BizDev
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Wow, guys, it was a blast! We are so grateful for everyone our partners and friend, who join our Boat Dubai Meetup!
Thanks a lot, AGS team and Conversion Club! We have already missed you guys!
Waiting for the next party in Tulum! You wanna join?
Read the previous post and get an all-inclusive ticket for free!
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Hola Mexico!

The greatest International Affiliate Conference of the year will take place from June 16 to June 18 in sunny Mexico,
and AdsEmpire representatives are proud to sponsor this great COVID-safe event!

Meet top professionals, build new partnerships, and safely enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Tulum this June!
You can also book a meeting with our representative now by following the link.

See you!


It's time to meet us personally at ClickBid Tulum conference.
We can't wait to see our partners and friends.
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Meet new exclusive dating offers!​


Happy to announce the great news!

Guys, we have new exclusive dating offers for you! Check them out:





Wanna try them? We are ready!

Contact your manager and discover the highest rates for you!


Dating in the DACH Region: Insights You Need to Know About

Working with multiple GEOs requires in-depth knowledge of specific market features and regional dynamics. And here is what you need to know about the DACH region.
It is no secret that dating is one of the top-performing verticals in the affiliate marketing industry. Most rookie affiliates wishing to supercharge their careers tend to start by running dating offers. In most cases, high-quality dating traffic is not cheap. That is why marketers often worry about allocating their budgets efficiently.
One of the most sensible approaches is to focus on Tier-2 countries first. And there is a good reason for it — these GEOs are considered more affordable and not as oversaturated as other markets. Even so, it does not mean that working with top GEOs is nothing but elusive.
This time, we will talk about the top dating GEOs: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, otherwise known as the DACH region.

The Region Overview
These three countries have always been closely associated geographically and culturally. So it is only natural that they share a language. Another common feature is a high standard of living that is reflected in every industry, dating included.
Germany, Austria, and Switzerland continuously rank among the most affluent countries worldwide. For instance, in 2019, they appeared on the list of the top 20 wealthiest countries. Later on, BusinessInsider also included all three in its international ranking called the 25 richest countries. And even post-COVID, these countries managed to remain remarkably strong. Case in point: Switzerland ranked #5 in the most recent top 10 list created by the Global Finance Magazine.
The tremendous economic potential of these countries attracts numerous businesses and marketers. And while DACH traffic is not cheap, it is hot and predictably sought-after. So how can you make sure that your money is well spent and marketing efforts will be rewarded? Well, you need to understand how to monetize DACH traffic right, which approaches to test, and which traffic sources to utilize. But above all, you need to adapt and customize your strategy to the market features and dynamics.
DACH Markets Explained
The purchasing power in the DACH region is high, which explains the willingness of users to make online and in-app purchases, including dating applications. What does it mean for affiliate marketers? First of all, it means that their CR and ROI can go through the roof if they choose to invest their time in testing and optimizing.
When it comes to monetizing DACH traffic, the true challenge is to find an efficient approach. And naturally, approaches differ depending on the region, offer, and audience interests.
As mentioned before, DACH countries have many similar traits. And yet, they evolve at a different pace. Let’s take a look at each GEO and determine its principal features.
Historically, Germany is the so-called European center for Russian expatriates, a.k.a. expats. According to InterNations, three in ten expats live in Germany. It means that working with this GEO requires several different approaches, and at least one of them should be targeted at expats.
Germany is a GEO characterized by the high income of its citizens, relatively mature audience, substantial traffic volumes, a wide range of dating offers, and high payouts. If you have any mixed traffic driven from social media apps, doorways, or push networks, this GEO is exactly what you need.
When it comes to the tastes and preferences of the locals, they are distinguished only by the generation. And each generation requires an individual approach. For example, the older audience is primarily conservative but enthusiastic about swingering and medical fetish. The younger audience is more focused on comfort, but the one factor that unites them is safety.
It is typical for Germans to regularly make online purchases. Since local advertising gravitates towards logic, clear arguments, and facts, ads often feature numbers, technical characteristics, and other detailed information. In this case, reliability is the fundamental factor. However, Germans are also familiar with the concept of ‘beauty’. Fortunately, they can be attracted by the beautiful visualization tactics and creativity.
As for social networks, you should bear in mind that only an insignificant percentage of people older than 35 lead active online lives. If you are looking for local social traffic, DACH social network called Wer-kennt-wen can come in handy. You can use it to drive traffic from all the DACH countries. But since the older generation is not into social media, you should also utilize alternative traffic sources like search engines, push, teaser, or native ad networks.
If push notifications are your cup of tea, consider using the standard approach. Mimicking a messenger notification still works like a charm. But bear in mind that you need to warm up your audience if you want to increase the CR.
Let’s say that you are running a mainstream dating offer. In some cases, a three-step prelanding can c ome in handy. For instance, in the first two steps, you can ask a user to choose a woman he finds attractive. And in the third step, the user sees the number of women in his area.
Testing is essential regardless of the offer. So you might have to dedicate a lot of time to looking for the best-performing approaches. In any case, user activity targeting is something you might be eager to try out.

Austria is known for its traditional, conventional, and ungenerous audience. Residents tend to rigorously assess their spending behavior. Even so, Austrian citizens are no strangers to emotions. Such verticals as gambling and betting are extremely popular with the locals. And since the emotional response is their weak spot, suggestive and enticing dating ad creatives can do the trick.

Find out more: Dating in the DACH Region: Insights You Need to Know About