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Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
Hi Guys!

Push Ads are finally available in our platform as well!!

Targeting options are the same as for the Interstitial and for Pop Ads, except for Push Ads, you are only paying for the visitors that actually click on your ad. You can still see views in the stats and click through rate, that helps optimizing your campaign.

Visit our website and if you have any questions, you contact our team on:

They are happy to help!

Have a great day! :)
How do you work out with fake clicks tracked by volumm?

Do you refund credits?


Over the last 11 years we have built sophisticated in-house detection systems that help determine many, many characteristics about each impression view and click.

By analyzing these billions of data points we can detect patterns and trends as they happen, proactively detecting bots in real-time.

This combined with a constantly updated database of known proxy / residential proxy and data center IPs allows us to combat ad fraud with confidence that your campaign is being shown to real people.

Push ads currently has one of the lowest levels of ad fraud in the industry, logistically it's a lot more effort to replicate a push ad subscription than to simply generate a banner impression / click.

Regarding Refund, the remaining amount of a campaign can be refunded.

The stats are displayed by country, so you could see the click through rate. If you wish to refund any of those sub campaigns, because they don't convert well, or for any other reason, you can manually pause it, so it won't spend any more funds.

Then for now, since Push Ads are a recent implementation, you would need to contact us to refund you. Soon this option will be available on the Advertiser Panel as well.
I still don't understand why bitcoins is not widely accepted. It's fast, secure and independent


We are working on adding another payment processor. For now, it is still not decided what would work best as there are several factors that we need to take into account.

Once there is a new implementation, we will announce it on our platform.
I have just set an ad on adfly and surprised why adfly declient my ad ?
by the way: the ad is short URL from another adfly alternative.